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Release History

Telerik Reporting Q2 2013 SP1

August 2, 2013

Telerik Reporting Q2 2013 SP1 (

  • NEW: Context menus on Graph item areas
  • NEW: Added user data connections management in the Standalone Report Designer (File Options menu)
  • NEW: Added support for System.Data.Entity.DbContext ( in EntityFramework (v4.1+)
  • NOTE: The EntityDataSource requires that the DbContext objects must provide a constructor accepting a connection string (DbContext(string nameOrConnectionString)) in order to retrieve data at design time in Visual Studio/Standalone Report Designers.
  • CHANGE: The Telerik.Reporting.ObjectDataSource.DataSource, Telerik.Reporting.OpenAccessDataSource.ObjectContext, Telerik.Reporting.EntityFrameworDataSource.Context values of type System.Type are now serialized as strings (the assembly-qualified name of the Type).
  • OBSOLETE: The Telerik.Reporting.EntityDataSource.ObjectContext is now obsolete. Please use Telerik.Reporting.EntityDataSource.Context instead.
  • OBSOLETE: The Telerik.Reporting.EntityDataSource.ObjectContextMemeber is now obsolete. Please use Telerik.Reporting.EntityDataSource.ContextMemeber instead.
FIXED Report Designer
  • FIXED: Graph Groups are not shown in the GroupExplorer
  • FIXED: Graph UI freezes after changing the graph type
  • FIXED: Graph SmoothLine causes an error when there are only 2 data points
  • FIXED: An exception is thrown when the user cancels inserting a new row in some of the collection editors (Filters, Sortings, Gropings, Bindings) using ESC key
  • FIXED: Changes in watermarks are not serialized
  • FIXED: Closing Report doesn't update the perspective (e.g. RibbonBar Insert tab, Data and Report explorer are still visible)
  • FIXED: Copy/Paste Style does not work
  • FIXED: An error occurs when copying a DataItem when its DataSource property is set
  • FIXED: Incorrect toolbar button state
  • FIXED: Load on demand of reports
  • FIXED: ReportParameters definition values are used incorrectly before the ReportSource values

Visual Studio Report Designer

  • FIXED: An error occurs when a project containing master-detail report is being rebuilt.
  • FIXED: Upgrade Wizard doesn't select a product for upgrade when run after opening a solution.
  • FIXED: An error occurs when invoking the Change Chart Type Graph context menu option

Standalone Report Designer
  • FIXED: An error is thrown when document is reloaded while the report is being processed in PrintPreview mode
  • FIXED: An error occurs when Delete key is pressed and the Report.PageSettings.Margins value is selected
  • FIXED: Recent, New, Options and Help in the Report Designer do not use all of the available space

Report Processing
  • FIXED: Graph actions are not exposed on data point bars, markers and labels
  • FIXED: Graph layout is incorrect when the legend contains too many items
  • FIXED: Legend items style is inconsistent with the series style

  • FIXED: In some cases watermarks are not rendered

  • FIXED: HtmlTextBox - anchor tags are rendered as span tags

  • FIXED: Cannot render a pie graph with a zero value slice
  • FIXED: Error "Cannot set new clip region in an inner graphic state level" is thrown in some cases

  • FIXED: The PlotArea region does not clip its content items

  • FIXED: HtmlTextBox - Text is clipped when it is aligned to right style="text-align: right" and HtmlTextBox's padding is set

Report Viewer for ASP.NET
  • FIXED: ReportViewer is not shown in design view

Report Viewer for Silverlight
  • FIXED: Don't show right and bottom borders in PrintPreview
  • FIXED: Parameters are not processed if Parameter.Visible is set to False
  • FIXED: In Out-of-Browser Silverlight application a ReportViewer shown in a RadWindow has missing export options
  • FIXED: Not all text resources are localizable in Silverlight ReportViewer

Report Viewer for WPF
  • FIXED: Don't show right and bottom borders in PrintPreview

Data Sources
  • FIXED: ObjectDataSource does not accept static (shared) types

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