Telerik Reporting

Release History

Telerik Reporting Q2 2012 SP1

August 20, 2012

Telerik Reporting Q2 2012 Service Pack 1 (

  • CHANGE: Telerik.Reporting.Processing.HtmlTextBox.IsValidXhtml method is now obsolete. Please use IsValidXhtml expression built-in function instead or Telerik.Reporting.Processing.XhtmlValidator.IsValidXhtml method instead.
  • CHANGE: Text items (TextBox, CheckBox, HtmlTextBox) do not apply automatic left and right padding anymore. Use global style rule with appropriate selector instead.
  • NEW: Added support for CSS attribute "text-decoration" in HtmlTextBox report item.
FIXED Report Model
  • Fixed: ReportParameter.AvailableValues is always serialized even if empty
  • Fixed: Xml serializer cannot serialize null values
  • Fixed: Style rules are not propagated to the SubReports
  • Fixed: UriReportSource relative path (http, file) should be against the Report
Report Designers
  • Fixed: Adding Detail value in CrossTabWizard does not apply aggregate function automatically
  • Fixed: Calculated field is not added correctly through the expressions dialog
  • Fixed: Can't add target from Action's Target collection
  • Fixed: DataSource tree doesn't show sub values in Wizards/Choose a data source
  • Fixed: Table/Crosstab wizard drag-drop subfield (e.g. OrderDate.Day) does not work correctly
  • Fixed: HtmlEditor loses its history on "Insert new line" command
  • Fixed: Adding parameters to ReportSource throws exception if master report can't resolve the ReportSource target in designtime
  • Fixed: All DataExplorer trees should be ordered alphabetically
  • Fixed: Can't modify an existing report parameter through the report parameter editor (property grid)
  • Fixed: CheckBox text disappears if too large custom check state images are used
  • Fixed: Changing parameters of InstanceReportSource makes it impossible to further edit the ReportSource
  • Fixed: DataExplorer is not refreshed when you copy/paste DataSource component
  • Fixed: Drag and drop a field into a crosstab, in a way to add a new column does not apply the data source on the crosstab
Visual Studio Designer
  • Fixed: VS 2005/2008 crashes when inserting item from the toolbox
  • Fixed: VS 2005/2008 crashes on Report Wizard finish
  • Fixed: Group, Data and Report explorers don’t show info if the files are opened automatically from VS
  • Fixed: Report Wizard does not start, manual start throws an error
  • Fixed: Upgrade Wizard fails to find upgradable projects when you only have new version installed.
  • Fixed: Instance report source of a SubReport item disappears whenever you move the SubReport item
  • Fixed: Cannot preview a report with Subreport with TypeReportSource when the child report uses a connection string from the config file
  • Fixed: Cannot edit parameters of TypeReportSource with expression for type name
  • Fixed: Error upon using Query Builder in VS2012 RC
  • Fixed: An error occurs when resizing a table that contains a zero-sized column/row
Telerik Report Designer
  • Fixed: An error occurs when an item is pasted inside container that does not accept such child items
  • Fixed: Cannot change the Name of SqlDataSource
  • Fixed: ConditionalFormatting and StyleRule with BackgroundImage do not work
  • Fixed: F5 key does not change the tab to Preview
  • Fixed: Minimize toolbar does not toggle the command text
  • Fixed: ReportParameter's Value property is serialized with the entered in Preview mode value
  • Fixed: Report is not loaded correctly after default values for the SQL query parameters are specified at design time
  • Fixed: Switching to Preview mode should save the report
  • Fixed: Toolbar should have button for editing style (start style builder)
  • Fixed: Select all (Ctrl+A) key binding is missing
  • Fixed: Serialization rounds the values (e.g. 0.039 is saved as 0.4)
  • Fixed: Telerik.Reporting static methods are exposed as user functions
  • Fixed: The F2 shortcut should switch to inline editor for the TextBox and HtmlTextBox
  • Fixed: Add support for connection string from configuration file
  • Fixed: Editing the cell in the table with Expression Editor does not change the state of the document
  • Fixed: Encrypted ConnectionStrings config section is not supported
  • Fixed: Format the TextBox in the table cell from context menu does not change document state
  • Fixed: Report Designer is missing file associations
  • Fixed: Report Designer crashes if we save or open a report that is used by another application
  • Fixed: No way to clear recent document list
  • Fixed: Reopening a .trdx file doesn't render Table item as expected
  • Fixed: Toolbar does not show contextual tools
  • Fixed: User defined functions / aggregates are not supported
  • Fixed: DatabaseSessionConfigurator fails to start on Windows Server 2008
  • Fixed: DocumentMap root node is shown incorrectly
  • Fixed: An error occurs when processing a report referencing missing external style sheet
  • Fixed: Static groups should not be considered for the ToggleVisibilityAction execution path
  • Fixed: Text items should not have font-dependent padding
  • Fixed: Report parameters validation returns misleading error message
  • Fixed: Report rendering crashes when application config file references rendering format that is not available
  • Fixed: Missing common math and string functions
  • Fixed: Parameter's default value cannot use "Fields.Item" expression
  • Fixed: The lines of TextBox with vertical text are not aligned correctly
  • Fixed: Table row does not grow when a column spanned cell grows vertically
  • Fixed: HtmlTextBox content is incorrectly aligned horizontally
  • Fixed: Inconsistent shape rendering in different rendering formats
Physical Page Renderings
  • Fixed: GroupKeepTogether.FirstDetail is not respected when the Detail section contains SubReport item
  • Fixed: Shapes with transparent background are not rendered
  • Fixed: Incorrect rendering of Textbox item when grows horizontally (ex. header of a column group with child groups/docking/anchoring)
  • Fixed: Incorrect rendering preventing correct viewing in switched to accessibility view Acrobat Reader
  • Fixed: Shapes with transparent background are not rendered
  • Fixed: Navigate to URL and bookmark actions are not respected
  • Fixed: An error occurs when rendering programmatically report with a page section in "Tables" mode
  • Fixed: Incorrect scaling of barcode item in Table RTF mode
  • Fixed: Sometimes Word displays only part of the content
  • Fixed: Sometimes text is carried over inappropriately, cropping the lines
  • Fixed: Silverlight report viewer does not work with xml report definition if the report parameter value is updated
Report Viewers
  • Fixed: The navigate to Report/Url/Bookmark actions are not respected in print preview
Report Viewer for ASP.NET
  • Fixed: Web viewer does not display anything (no report message) when there is no report
  • Fixed: An error occurs during serialization of specific reports in out-proc session
  • Fixed: An error occurs when running in medium trust
  • Fixed: The Report property cannot be set declaratively
  • Fixed: An error occurs after calling RefreshReport method in an out-proc session
  • Fixed: An error occurs when report parameter's value is an empty string and the report is used in a report book in out-proc session
  • Fixed: Parameters don't work in WebViewer when ReportBook is used
  • Fixed: Toolbar's background image is not displayed when using session with cookieless="true"
  • Fixed: An error occurs when using an inherited ObjectDataSource in out-proc session
  • Fixed: An error occurs while navigating to a different report page when using out-proc session in a web farm
  • Fixed: An exception is thrown when a ReportBook with no reports inside is used
  • Fixed: ExternalStyleSheets not persisted in out-proc session when programmatically added
  • Fixed: NeedDataSource is not fired when ReportViewer.RefreshReport() is called
  • Fixed: Navigate to the same report but with different parameter values does not refresh the data
Report Viewer for Silverlight
  • Fixed: Initially set ZoomMode/Percent is not reflected in the viewer
  • Fixed: The viewer stays on the "Generating Report" state indefinitely when a ReportBook with no reports inside is used
Report Viewer for WPF
  • Fixed: Localization does not work on computers with Telerik Reporting installation
  • Fixed: "Operation was canceled" message instead of "Generating report"
  • Fixed: Number of pages string cannot be localized
  • Fixed: An error occurs when the viewer is unloaded before the rendering of the report is complete
  • Fixed: The viewer stays on the "Generating Report" state indefinitely when a ReportBook with no reports inside is used
  • Fixed: WPF does not show the loading message when you change a parameter
  • Fixed: Page view is incorrect when switching to PrintPreview view mode

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