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Telerik Reporting Q1 2014

February 26, 2014

Telerik Reporting Q1 2014 (


Telerik has recently updated some of its product names. Please, check out the Telerik Product Map.

Map Report Item (BETA)

Q1 2014 introduces the ability to analyze data based on geographic location directly in your Telerik reports. Through the new Map report item you will be able to explore data in a spatial way and plot 2D data on the map, allowing your users to make better decisions through geographic visualization and analysis of data. The new Map report item also provides geocoding capabilities which allows you to find associated geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) from other geographic data, such as street addresses, postal codes, and city names.

The Map report item supports:

  • Tile providers
    • Microsoft Bing Maps
    • MapQuest
  • Location providers:
    • Microsoft Bing Maps Locations API
    • MapQuest
  • Point map series to create scatter plot/bubble graphs over geographic maps
  • Full design-time support
  • Visual Studio report designer
  • The stand-alone Telerik Report Designer
  • Map Wizard and various other tools for designing map reports
  • View maps in all report viewers
  • Export maps to all supported formats (PDF, XLSX, HTML, image, etc.)
ServiceStack support for the Report REST Service

Due to popular demand, we have added support for the open source ServiceStack v3 framework to the Telerik Reporting REST Service, which joins the current support for the ASP.NET WebAPI framework. The REST report service is an abstraction over the reporting engine that exposes the reports on the server as resources: instead of commanding the reporting engine to process and render reports, the clients see the report documents as resources as if you have static PDF, Excel or Microsoft Word documents. The Reporting REST Service can be used with the HTML5 report viewer only.

Performance Improvements

In Q1 2014 we are introducing significant performance improvements in the report rendering time. Even though all rendering extensions are positively affected, the rendering times to PDF and Excel are improved the most:
  • Exporting a report to PDF is up to 9x faster than before
  • Exporting a report to XLSX is up to 6x faster than before
In both cases performance improves exponentially, i.e. the larger the report, the larger the performance improvement.

Implicit styling for the WPF and Silverlight report viewers

In this release we are introducing implicit styling for the WPF and Silverlight Report Viewers where the viewer styles will be provided in external XAML files (i.e. they will not be included in the viewer assemblies). This addition is in line with the current implicit styling that Telerik UI for WPF and Silverlight offer. The benefits of this approach are:
  • Creating custom themes is much easier
  • Tweaking styles in a theme is simpler
  • No need to use Microsoft Blend to style the viewers any more (but this remains as an option)
  • Smaller assembly sizes
Please, note that this is a breaking change. Check out the detailed release notes for more information on how to address this change in your applications.

FIXED Data Sources
  • FIXED: Performance degradation when using large arrays for multivalue report parameters and SQL query with IN clause
Report Designer - Common
  • FIXED: Bindings cannot be applied to multiple selected items at once
  • FIXED: Changing a property of a group or adding a new group using the Properties window is not synchronized with the Group Explorer
  • FIXED: ToggleVisibilityAction set on Panel item does not work in Preview/HTML Preview/WinForms viewer
Visual Studio Report Designer
  • FIXED: When error occurs while processing an item, the item's name is empty in the output from debug
Standalone Report Designer
  • FIXED: Deleting an item from Report Explorer shows a dialog box with a misleading title
  • FIXED: Report objects are displayed in the Standalone Designer tray
  • FIXED: Graph is rendered incorrectly when exported on a machine with high DPI
  • FIXED: Fonts with special symbols in their names are not rendered properly in HTML
  • FIXED: A report with only 1 page is not rendered correctly in TIFF image format with TiffCompression set to ccitt3/ccitt4/rle
HTML5 Report Viewer
  • FIXED: refreshReport method does not invalidate the cached report instance
  • FIXED: Two or more HTML5 Report Viewers on a single page cause 410 error
Report Viewer for Silverlight
  • FIXED: Empty TRRVInvalidSessions.tmp file causes Silverlight ReportViewer application to crash
  • FIXED: Expressions in report parameters are evaluated using incorrect UICulture

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