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Release History

Telerik Reporting Q1 2013 SP1

April 26, 2013

Telerik Reporting Q1 2013 SP1 (

  • NEW: Graph - Added Minimum/Maximum for the Bubble series' Size
  • NEW: Graph Axes support Size / MinSize / MaxSize
  • NEW: ReportParameters.Text support expressions
  • NEW: Graph elements are listed in the ReportExplorer
API Changes
  • CHANGE: IDataObject.GetProperties() method is now obsolete. To get the available fields/properties, please check the schema of the data source in the Data Explorer tool window or the data source definition in the source code.
  • CHANGE: Telerik.Reporting.NumericalScale.CrossAxisValue property is now obsolete. Please use the CrossAxisPositions property instead
  • CHANGE: Telerik.Reporting.RangeBarSeries/Telerik.Reporting.RangeAreaSeries are now obsolete. Use Telerik.Reporting.BarSeries and Telerik.Reporting.AreaSeries instead.
FIXED SQL Data Source
  • Fixed: Design Time parameters cannot be converted to GUID
  • Fixed: When using Report Wizard group header section names can cause errors
  • Fixed: The RoseGraph wizard sets up an incorrect configuration
  • Fixed: Graph wizard with nested series group creates invalid series Legend expression
  • Fixed: Designer crashes when RoundedCornerShape.Rounding > 100
  • Fixed: Groups (Table, Graph) do not have default names sometimes
Visual Studio Report Designer
  • Fixed: Visual Studio 2008 hangs when adding a toolbox item to the Report
  • Fixed: Add Table/Crosstab item with size results in SizeU in default system unit
Standalone Report Designer
  • Fixed: Design time values are not cleared
  • Fixed: An error occurs when dragging the application
  • Fixed: An XML report definition cannot be deserialized when it contains an external style sheet
  • Fixed: SubReport that uses InstanceReportSource and is serialized throws exception should you try to edit it
  • Fixed: Empty Size/Location values UnitOfMeasure is changed during deserialization
  • Fixed: An error is thrown when table containing row/column with zero size is rendered
  • Fixed: "Fields" object containing dot (.) in its name is not evaluated correctly
  • Fixed: The Join function doesn't work with null value
  • Fixed: Incorrect stack for two column stacked series in Graph
  • Fixed: GraphAxis.Title, GraphGroup.Label, GraphLegend.Title and GraphTitle.Text do not support expressions
  • Fixed: Some text properties in the Graph item do not support embedded expressions
  • Fixed: Chart item data binding does not work correctly
  • Fixed: Graph item HorizontalAxis labels do not fit when inside plot area
  • Fixed: Graph item minor ticks of the logarithmic scale should be not linear
  • Fixed: Graph item renders incorrect stack for two column stacked series
  • Fixed: An error is thrown when Table item contains a hidden item
  • Fixed: Cannot override values of the style properties when the Skin property of the Chart is set
  • Fixed: Graph item BarSeries with range is not rendered correctly
  • Fixed: Merged cells in a table item's body do not grow
  • Fixed: Crosstab Header is not sized properly
  • Fixed: Graph item with DateTime scale is rendered incorrectly
Image Rendering
  • Fixed: Expand mark is not rendered in HtmlTextBox
HTML Rendering
  • Fixed: Graph item is rendered only in browsers with SVG support
  • Fixed: TextBox trims leading/trailing/repeating spaces
  • Fixed: PictureBox is rendered with incorrect size
  • Fixed: Bezier path segment is not implemented
  • Fixed: Graph item is not rendered correctly when split on pages
  • Fixed: Chart item is not rendered correctly when split on pages
  • Fixed: Expand/Collapse mark is rendered over the text in HtmlTextBox
  • Fixed: Right-To-Left works incorrectly in TextBox
  • Fixed: HtmlTextBox does not show all content
PDF Rendering
  • Fixed: Links (NavigateToUrl action) have black border around them
  • Fixed: Shape items are not rendered correctly
RTF Rendering
  • Fixed: The group in RTF document is not written according to the rtf specification
PowerPoint rendering
  • Fixed: Table cell top border is not rendered sometimes
  • Fixed: When navigating back the NeedDataSource event is fired again
ASP.NET Report Viewer
  • Fixed: Reports containing Chart items are not displayed correctly when deployed on Windows Azure
  • Fixed: Viewer exposes a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability
  • Fixed: The ReportSource property caches its value incorrectly
  • Fixed: Print does not work with Firefox 19+ PDF viewer
  • Fixed: Data is retrieved again on ToggleVisibilityAction
Silverlight Report Viewer
  • Fixed: The report is printed incorrectly when the page orientation of the report and of the printer mismatch
WPF Report Viewer
  • Fixed: Compatibility problem with RadControls for WPF Q1 2013
  • Fixed: Error is thrown when the ReportSource property is not set
  • Fixed: Viewer throws an exception when used in a DataTemplate

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