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Release History

Telerik Reporting Q1 2012

February 15, 2012

What's New in Telerik Reporting Q1 2012 (

FIXED VisualStudio Designer
  • Fixed: Report Explorer: double click should scroll the selected item into view in the design surface
  • Fixed: Visual studio build hangs if in the meantime Preview is invoked
  • Fixed: The Conditional Formatting dialog can't be invoked if conditional formatting rule is updated with an empty value field
  • Fixed: Inconsistency in the behavior of cascading parameters
  • Fixed: Incorrect exception message when an aggregate node is not found
Report Viewers
  • Fixed: Inconsistency when entering pages manually
Report Viewer for ASP.NET
  • Fixed: Print dialog is opened on navigate back/forward action
Report Viewer for Silverlight
  • Fixed: Report parameters are not set to default values when report is changed programatically
  • Fixed: DocumentMap is not resizable
  • Fixed: Missing ToolTips for Silverlight viewer
  • Fixed: The viewer cannot be localized
  • Fixed: SaveFileDialog shows although the export operation has been cancelled
  • Fixed: Report document cannot be printed from the Interactive view
  • Fixed: Unhandled exception when trying to export to a locked file
  • Fixed: Redundant tab stops when navigating from one report parameter to another using Tab key
Report Viewer for WPF
  • Fixed: WPF viewer incorrectly releases its resources
  • Fixed: DocumentMap is not resizable
  • Fixed: Missing Page Setup Dialog
  • Fixed: Clicking on document map after printing a report crashes the viewer
  • Fixed: Missing error notifications in the parameters area
  • Fixed: PageScrollView event handler is not disposed correctly
Report Viewer for Windows Forms
  • Fixed: Messages and tool tips cannot be set programatically
  • Fixed: Cancel Report Rendering button is not working properly
WCF Report Service
  • Fixed: Resources not loading when using URL rewriting

Telerik Report Designer (Beta)

  • Creating and viewing Telerik Reports without Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Open/Edit and Save reports in Telerik Report Definition XML format (.TRDX file)
  • Multi-document interface allows authoring and viewing multiple reports simultaneously
  • A variety of additional tools that makes the report authoring easier - Report/Data/Group Explorer, Property Browser, Report/Table/Crosstab Wizards, editors, etc.
  • Displays data from any SQL database (inc. MS SQL Server, Oracle, etc.) and Microsoft Analysis Services Cubes
  • Interactive preview and Print preview of reports
  • Print reports
  • Export the reports in all supported formats including Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office 2007's Excel, Word and PowerPoint, XPS, HTML, etc.
Known limitations:
  • No programmatic control over the reports. This means no events and no Object/OpenAccess/Entity Data Source can be used at all. 
Known issues (to be resolved for the official release):
  • User functions/User aggregate functions are not supported
  • Subreports are not supported
  • Navigate to Report Action is not supported
  • External StyleSheets from relative path -or- resource are not supported
  • Cannot open/edit reports from .NET CLR assemblies created in the Visual Studio Report Designer
  • Windows Shell Integrations
System Requirements:
  • .NET Framework 4.0 Full Profile (requires "System.Design" assembly that is not included in the .NET Framework, Version=v4.0, Profile=Client)

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