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Release History

Reporting Q3 2007SP1

January 13, 2008

Telerik Reporting Q3 2007 SP1 (v2.0.1.0) Release Notes

  • Added: Support for fonts located in a TrueType Collection (.ttc) when rendering to PDF
  • Added: Support for font sub-set embedding when rendering to PDF
  • Added: Processing items' size/location can now be set
  • Added: Various documentation corrections and additions
  • Fixed: HTML rendering extension does not comply with the Visible property when the item is docked
  • Fixed: Report with a section larger than 1 page cannot be rendered at all
  • Fixed: ArgumentException when rendering items with background image
  • Fixed: Bi-tonal TIFFs do not respect the image resolution
  • Fixed: Report items with zero Height are not positioned as expected
  • Fixed: Hidden report sections (NOT page sections) are not visible but still occupy space on the page thus leaving gaps on the page
  • Fixed: Setting the StyleName of a report item does not re-apply styles
  • Fixed: Convert functions (ex. CDate) on DBNull causes an exception
  • Fixed: Error messages of the report items not displayed in the Excel Rendering
  • Fixed: Font strikeout position and thickness is incorrect when rendered to PDF
  • Fixed: TextBox's In-Place Editor does not handle Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete
  • Fixed: TextBox's In-Place Editor does not support RightToLeft writing mode
  • Fixed: The Strikeout checkbox in the Style Editor is displaced
  • Fixed: Sometimes number and date values appear as strings when rendered in Excel
  • Fixed: There is no way to go back if data connection is invalid in the Data Source Wizard
  • Fixed: Displacement of report items in HTML rendering when there is a non-significant overlapping between them
  • Fixed: Problems when rendering a report with docked items in HTML
  • Fixed: The Report property of the Web and Win Viewer cannot be deleted from the designer
  • Fixed: In Excel Rendering, an InvalidCastException is thrown when there is a TextBox with Value other than string (int, DateTime, etc.) in the page footer
  • Fixed: In Excel Rendering, when a Cell's value type is not supported, it should display its string representation instead of its type name

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