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Reporting Q3 2007

December 17, 2007

What’s New in Telerik Reporting Q3 2007 (v2.0.0.0)

New Features and Enhancements

  • Full support for Visual Studio 2008
  • Export to Excel
  • New converter from Developer Express’s XtraReports v 7.3
  • Dynamic layouts - item docking and anchoring
  • Report configuration through application’s configuration file
  • Report globalization - support for Right-to-Left languages and culture specific formatting
  • Parameters now control the behavior of the rendering extensions
  • Added TIFF compressions (RLE, CCITT G3/G4, LZW)
  • Updated Chart item. For more information, please see the RadChart Release Notes


  • Fixed GroupSection rendering in Image/PDF - GroupSection.PrintOnEveryPage and GroupKeepTogether
  • Fixed GIF image quality when rendering a report in HTML
  • Fixed PDF WordWrap to achieve GDI-like results
  • Fixed Data Source Wizard/Report Wizard output when connecting to business objects
  • Fixed an empty PictureBox causing a NullReferenceException when rendered
  • Fixed Report Wizard to allow selecting multiple data fields
  • Fixed binding to business objects that have Nullable properties

Compatibility changes

  • The Telerik.Reporting.ReportItemBase.ItemCollection.SetChildIndex() method is now obsolete
  • Telerik.Reporting.TextBox.CanGrow is now true by default

Full details on the new features are located here: What's New in Telerik Reporting Q3 2007

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