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Release History

Reporting Q2 2008SP2

September 24, 2008

Telerik Reporting Q2 2008 SP2 Release Notes (v2.8.8.925)

  • Report parameters are not displayed when in Session State mode in SQLServer or StateServer.
  • Sometimes font-size is not set correctly in HTML rendering.
  • WinViewer.ToolbarVisible is not serialized correctly at design-time when the viewer is in a hidden container.
  • Adding Dock or Anchor first and then setting KeepTogether does not warn of incompatibility. It simply crashes the designer after a rebuild.
  • Report.DataSource property is not reset when deleting the DataSet used as report's data source.
  • PDF rendering extension sometimes disposes images which belong to the report definition instance.
  • Importing an external style sheet that contains a Barcode or Checkbox throws an exception.
  • Unit.ToString() and Unit.ToString(CultureInfo) does not omit the trailing zeros after the decimal separator.
  • Processing.PictureBox item should determine the MimeType of the loaded image if possible.
  • Nested anchored and docked items do not resize recursively at design time.
  • Improved user experience while using the "Select Type" dialog (used for defining style selectors).
  • Multi-select parameter editor in WinViewer does not initially check the <Select All> item properly.

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