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Release History

Reporting Q2 2008SP1

August 25, 2008

Telerik Reporting Q2 2008 SP1 Release Notes (v2.8.8.828)

  1. Improved Barcode Rendering
  2. Report processing hang if PageBreak is set to After for any group header
  3. Default ReportParameter.Name is not generated for new ReportParameter at design-time
  4. User functions are not evaluated when used as ReportParam value with UI=visible
  5. TextBox with =PageNumber expression together with ItemDataBound events produce weird results
  6. Cannot use the datasource's fields in page sections
  7. Background images not shown in the chart when FillSettings.BackgroundImage property is set.
Report Model
  1. FontStyle attributes such as Bold, Italic, etc. are serialized through the FontStyle property which breaks inheritance upon deserialization.
  2. Leaving a SubReport item without a ReportSource throws an exception when rendering.
  3. Global styles are not propagated down to subreports.
  4. VerticalAlign is inherited but it should not be according to
  1. Processing TextBox should allow modifying the Value instead of the formated text
  2. Filters with a null operand (DBNull) throws InvalidCastException
  3. Subreport.Parameters are not initialized/evaluated in Subreport.NeedDataSource event and cannot be used inside
Data Binding and Expressions
  1. Improved column resolution when binding to an ITypedList, DataTable, or a DataRow array
  2. Setting DataSet with bad-name columns as DataSource of a report throws exception
  3. Substr function doesn't handle nulls/bad args.
Visual Studio Designer
  1. Color code is not respected when entered manually in the Style editor.
  2. In-place Editor (TextEditorService) is not started when pressing F2.
  3. Background image info is not shown in the Style editor
  4. DataSource Configuration Wizard: new connection is not selected in the combo
  5. Changing the ClassName property of an item does not re-apply the StyleSheets
  6. Bottom offset of the selected Report Items (the measurement glyph) on design surface is not correct
  7. ChartWizard does not serialize the new changes after clicking Apply/OK button.
  8. Design time commands (cut, copy, paste, etc.) are active even in Preview mode
  9. Report items cannot be pasted into a Panel.
  10. Style properties with default values are not serialized even if they need to be.
  11. Added warnings for very wide reports, very high page sections, or huge margins
  12. Report Wizard's font in converters' descriptions is too big and being cut off
  1. Http handler not registered on the correct place if using IIS 7.
  2. "Secure and non-secure items" browser warning.
  3. ZoomPercent is not respected.
  4. DOCTYPE breaks the layout of the viewer.
  5. Javascript error when Web ReportViewer nested in element with relative positioning
  6. In WebViewer parameter with AvailableValues and leading/trailing spaces in the Label gives error
  1. Report area on high resolution leaves blank space on the left and on the bottom
  2. Exception is thrown when trying to export to an already open file.
  3. MultiLine UI parameter editor throws exception when visual styles are not supported or turned off
Image Rendering
  1. In page header when PictureBox does not find the source of the picture, no inline error is displayed
  2. A crash occurs when a PageSection is longer than the available page area.
  3. Group sections' PrintOnEveryPage and sections' PageBreak
HTML Rendering
  1. Rotated text is rendered as image with different size in html
  2. GroupKeepTogether property not respected in HTML Rendering.
  3. Veritical alignment of the text is not respected
  4. ArgumentOutOfRangeException when a report item is docked top or bottom and has the same height as its parent.
  5. PictureBox item is not rendered at all when the Value(Image) is not set.
PDF Rendering
  1. Incorrect rendering of transparent gifs in PDF.
  2. Reduced memory footprint due to better image handling.
Excel Rendering
  1. Excel Rendering Extension does not respect image resolutions.
  2. Excel Rendering Extension does not produce correct PageFooters if items other than TextBoxes are involved.
  3. ExcelRenderingExtension throws an InvalidCastException when GroupHeaderSection.Visible is false
  4. PrintOnFirstPage property of the Page Header/Footer not respected in Excel rendering.
  5. Growing to the right subreport overlaps report items and causes getting of merged range error in Excel rendering.
RTF Rendering
  1. RTF does not support Padding.
  2. PictureBox does not display error text in RTF.
  1. Help articles from the API reference with links to general help articles are not formatted properly
  2. Added a separate topic about the Chart item.
  3. Added a help topic describing the available rendering extensions in Telerik Reporting
  4. Added info about the Web Report Viewer client API
  5. Connecting Data to a report lacks information when to use NeedDataSource and how to set the report's data source

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