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Reporting Q2 2008

July 22, 2008

Telerik Reporting Q2 2008 Release Notes (v2.8.8.723)

New Features and Enhancements

  • Barcode Report Item
  • Checkbox Report Item
  • Support for ASP.NET AJAX
  • Project Upgrade Wizard BETA
  • Improved External Style Sheets Referencing
  • Document Names
  • Updated Report Converters


  • Processing TextBox now allows modifying of the Value instead of the formatted text.
  • ReportItemBase.Visible is now part of the Style and items can be shown/hidden through conditional formatting.
  • Data Source fields can now be used in page sections.
  • Default ReportParameter.Name is now generated for new ReportParameter at design-time.
  • The Label of the ReportParameter editors is now localizable.
  • Report processing hanging if PageBreak is set to After for any group header.
  • RTF now supports padding.
  • Subreport.Parameters are not initialized/evaluated in Subreport.NeedDataSource event and cannot be used inside.
  • ExcelRenderingExtension throws an InvalidCastException when GroupHeaderSection.Visible is false.
  • PageHeaderSection.PrintOnFirstPage is now respected by the Excel Rendering Extension.
  • Transparent colors in the Chart item are now properly handled in PDF (the unwanted chart borders in PDF).
  • Filters, Grouping, Sorting, Conditional Formatting editors' expression column now insert the leading '=' sign.
  • User defined functions can now be used in ReportParameter.Value with ReportParameter.UI.Visible=true.
  • Toolbar can now be hidden in the Win/Web report viewer and actions on the viewer can be called programmatically.

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