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Release History

Reporting Q2 2007SP1

October 9, 2007

Telerik Reporting Q2 2007 SP1 (v1.5.1) Release Notes:

  • Fixed the problem with FilterOperator.Equals
  • Fixed using methods with several overloads in expressions
  • Fixed report designer snap grid serialization
  • Fixed PictureBox to handle relative image paths
  • Fixed ReportParameter.Value to use expressions only
  • Fixed rendering of items with incorrect values (PictureBox, TextBox) now does not break the rendering, rather the error is displayed
  • Web veiwer's print button disables when printing the report
  • Fixed IndexOutOfRangeException in Html rendering when a section has zero height
  • Fixed PDF to embed all fonts
  • Fixed the PDF "invalid operator" caused by a report section with zero height
  • Fixed auto-generated code that fills the data set now is surrounded in try/catch block
  • Fixed report wizard problem when using an incorrect data source
  • Fixed generated typed data set with invalid constraints
  • Added Project/Add New/Telerik Report 1.5 menu command
  • Added ReportProcessor.Print method that allows programmatically printing of a report

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