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Release History

Reporting Q2 2007

September 17, 2007

Release notes for Telerik Reporting Q2 2007 (v1.5.0.0)

New Features and Enhancements
  • New "Report Wizard" with predefined themes and templates
  • Conditional Formatting Builder
  • Filtering support
  • Integrated Expression Builder
  • Format Builder
  • True Printing through the Web Viewer
  • Report parameters
  • Report Converters from existing Crystal Reports and Active Reports*
  • Toolbar skinning
  • CSV support
  • PictureBox item can now display external images residing on the local system or ones from the Web
  • Updated Chart item – The new version of RadChart comes with a number of novel features and enhancements delivering rich functionality and data presentation capabilities:
    • YAxis supporting logarithmic scaling
    • A new CandleStick financial chart
    • Support for spline curve areas. The curve behaves the same way the normal spline curve does, but also offers the possibility to fill the belonging area.
    • RadChart now features a so-called "strict mode" for bar series. All XValues will be respected and bars will be positioned according to their XValues. If, however, you don't have any series items with XValues then RadChart will resume standard sequential ordering of each item.
    • Support for empty values approximation. If your dataset is missing a value RadChart can approximate it for you.
    • Scalebreaks allowing you to "break off" large chunks of the axis so that graphs with great amplitudes are easier to read.
    • New intelligent labels dramatically increasing readability in very busy charts. The charting engine now supports newline in all chart labels
    • The new Marked Zones now provide another option for chart customization

Full details on the new features are located here: What's New in Telerik Reporting Q2 2007

  • Fixed the issue with the namespace conflict between Telerik Reporting and Telerik RadChart controls (ASP.NET, Windows Forms)
  • Fixed Telerik Reporting installer issues under Vista
  • Fixed Telerik Reporting toolbox items
  • Fixed Data Source Picker issue with the newly created data source
  • Fixed PDF Word Wrap issue
  • Fixed Now() function issue on long running report
  • Fixed blank-pages issue with the Image Rendering
  • Fixed Style Builder
  • Fixed the [Report Name] problem in the title of the html document.
  • Fixed report preview in Design Time
  • Fixed undo/redo adding a group in Design Time
  • Fixed binding to IList respects all item properties disregarding its type
  • Fixed the issue with empty data source of subreport
  • Fixed the issue with page header and footer that together are larger than the page size in image rendering
  • Fixed the issue with the item layout when rendering in HTML

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