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Release History

Reporting Q1 2008SP1

May 19, 2008

Telerik Reporting Q1 2008 SP1 Release Notes (v2.5.8.519)
  • Visual Studio IDE loses focus after the Report Wizard is canceled
  • Windows Forms Report Viewer localization is not working when the assembly is loaded from GAC
  • Deleting a group through Report.Groups collection in the property grid does not delete the related group section
  • Incorrect handling of the anchored items when in a page section
  • Incorrect handling of the anchored items when in a container item (panel)
  • Report BackgroundColor is not rendered correctly on the first page when the report is rendered in PDF format.
  • The Expression Builder does not surround the field names that contain spaces and other special characters with square brackets.
  • Type 'Telerik.Reporting.Drawing.Shapes.LineSegment' is not marked as serializable
  • New lines not respected in docked TextBoxes
  • On preview the Visual Studio IDE crashes when the report has an error
  • The empty PictureBox (Value = null) throws NullReferenceException when rendered in RTF
  • Unable to localize a Windows Forms Form with a ReportViewer on it
  • No report data with ASP.NET session in SQL Server
  • Web Site Project is missing the Q1 2008 report item template
  • WinForms ReportViewer.RefreshReport() goes on indefinitely when the viewer is not visible (no handle created yet)
  • OLE Container images problem when rendered in HTML
  • ProgressText throws exception at design time
  • Localization of the "of" conjuction in "[pagenumber] of [pagecount]" text in the web viewer's toolbar
  • PageCount miscalculated in Html-rendering
  • In RTF, the exception thrown when an invalid numeric value is encountered does not have a human-readable error message
  • Telerik Reporting Web Viewer does not localize when the web page is not inside the root folder
  • The topic "Configuring Telerik Reporting" has incorrect info about the Excel Rendering extension and lacks info about the RTF RE
  • Textbox appearing twice on HTML view
  • Report items spanning multiple pages cause an exception when rendering to RTF
  • Report Wizard is clipped when bigger DPI (120dpi) is used
  • Exception is thrown whem Processing.ImageBox.Image is set to image in format that does not have encoding
  • PictureBox in Page Header Section with an expression as value evaluates only once
  • ReportProcessor.Print(report, NULL) and cancel the PrintDialog causes InvalidOperationException("No or invalid printer")
  • When copying an item in the designer the value of the new item is not copied
  • VS crash when opening the Expression Builder because of a problem with the Report data source
  • Report items spanning multiple pages cause an exception when rendering to RTF


  • Improved HTML rendering to avoid item displacement
  • Added lots of new config parameters for the PDF Rendering Extension

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