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Release History

Reporting Q1 2008

April 15, 2008

Telerik Reporting Q1 2008 Release Notes (v2.5.8.414)

New Features and Enhancements

  • New Report Designer
  • Report Rendering Performance Optimizations up to 30%
  • Export to RTF
  • Report Parameters UI
  • Label Report Wizard
  • Report Viewer Localization
  • Improved Documentation
  • Vertical Text
  • Support for Safari 2.0+ web browser on Mac OS X
  • Added Chart series types: StackedLine and StackedSpline
  • Automatic text-wrapping functionality added to the Chart report item


Report Model
  • Chart not serialized correctly during binary serialization of the report.
Data Binding
  • MainTable.Fill() does not respect ITypedList data source;
  • An exception is thrown if an empty image (zero byte length) is assigned to a PictureBox;
  • Cannot bind to simple array (example - int[]);
  • Bind to a business object that is not enumerable is not allowed.
Excel Rendering
  • When report items are docked, sometimes Excel regards them as overlapping and produces a distorted table;
  • Excel Rendering Extension does not respect the Visible property of Report Sections;
  • Report items with location Y < 0 raise exception in Excel export;
  • Report sections are not automatically resized horizontally respecting the right-most item;
  • User-modified Culture of a Report Item is not respected by the Excel Rendering Extension;
  • Attempt to get a range which intersects with an already merged range;
  • DateTime-bound TextBoxes without string format (Format property) appear as numbers instead of dates in Excel;
  • Thousands separator appears only once for numbers with more than 6 integer digits;
  • Incorrect thousands separator for numbers formatted with a Culture that has the dot as a thousands separator (German, for example);
  • Number or currency precision explicitly set to zero (N0 or C0) is not respected.
HTML Rendering
  • Shapes transparency in IE6;
  • The leading space characters are trimmed in HTML rendering;
  • Html renderer does not replace \r\n with <br> for docked items;
  • HTML rendering does not process line breaks of docked text box items.
Image Rendering
  • Exporting to TIFF CCITT4 with 300x300 dpi takes huge amount of time to finish.
Pdf Rendering
  • Right-aligned text is misplaced or clipped when rendered to PDF;
  • When exporting to PDF, sometimes images become much larger than the original ones;
  • Identical images are not cached and reused when exporting to PDF resulting in a larger file size than needed;
  • Leading spaces in multiline text are trimmed by the PDF rendering.
Web Viewer
  • Web Viewer does not operate correctly under Safari;
  • Exceptions thrown during report processing not displayed in the corresponding reporting item;
  • Unable to load the report in case of url translation(url rewriting, etc);
  • The void src of the report iframe is not correct for a SSL connection;
  • Calling RefreshReport() from a form's constructor may cause the viewer to "Generating Report..." endlessly;
  • Slow rendering of html pages because of page rendering-on-demand approach.
Chart Report Item
  • New skins - sunset, Marble, Wood, Metal, Hay;
  • Fixed marked zones label tooltip;
  • Fixed bar series position issue;
  • Fixed an issue with disappearing label for bars with small values;
  • Fixed an issue with chart series items labels positioning;
  • Fixed an issue with EMF format in design time;
  • Pie chart item labels can now be placed inside the chart;
  • Extended Y axis is now extended even if the axis max value does not match the series' max value;
  • Fixed an issue with XmlDataSource;
  • Fixed an issue with Line chart series shadow;
  • Fixed an issue with axis labels serialization;
  • User-defined custom figures are now editable; 
  • User-defined custom figures are now available for selection in Series.Appearance.PointMark.Figure dropdown.

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