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September 27, 2011

What's Fixed in Telerik Reporting Q2 2011 SP1 (

Visual Studio Report Designer

  • Fixed: The designer should not allow Chart items to be added to the page header/footer sections
  • Fixed: An error occurs randomly when an item is copied in the Report Designer
  • Fixed: Text alignment is not handled correctly in the designer with a right-to-left culture
  • Fixed: User aggregates are shown two times in the Edit Expression dialog
  • Fixed: The footer of the groups in the report explorer is in reverse order
  • Fixed: Report Wizard calculates incorrect page margins for label reports
  • Fixed: Print from Preview freezes Visual Studio and never executes
  • Fixed: Data Explorer and Expression Editor display incorrectly the properties of nullable fields
  • Fixed: Using Crosstab wizard and choosing "Stepped layout, subtotals above" option generates two groupings with the same name

Report Model

  • Fixed: Localizable string members should be serialized as Null instead of Empty strings to prevent localization when Report.Localizable=True
  • Fixed: Incorrect behavior when a property of a derived Report class is missing its XML serialization attribute during serialization

Data Sources\EF

  • Fixed: Connection strings with relative path to a local file in the App_Data folder of a web application are not resolved correctly at design-time

Data Sources\Sql

  • Fixed: SqlDataSource passes null values for the parameters when resolving the schema at design time


  • Fixed: Right-to-left text is not handled correctly when the text is rotated

Processing\Data Binding

  • Fixed: Table groups do not calculate their aggregates correctly when the first child group is filtered out
  • Fixed: Chart item cannot be bound with binding expression to ReportItem.DataObject when using ObjectDataSource
  • Fixed: Nested Table/Crosstab DataSource bindings do not provide the expected data


  • Fixed: ReportItem global object should be case insensitive when used in expressions
  • Fixed: Exception is thrown when using the NotLike operator in a filter


  • Fixed: Incorrect placement of the punctuation on a right-to-left text in the Open XML formats
  • Fixed: Barcode shows an error when the text is longer than the bars

Rendering: CSV

  • Fixed: Ability to specify the field delimiter

Rendering: Excel

  • Fixed: "Excel found unreadable content in .xlsx" error when you set as a boolean (true/false) value
  • Fixed: Border's inconsistency in Excel 2007 Open XML format

Rendering: HTML

  • Fixed: Identical images create different image streams instead of using only one.
  • Fixed: The Visible property of a Report when used as a sub-report is not respected

Rendering: PPTX

  • Fixed: Default value of an image in a table is returting error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."
  • Fixed: PowerPoint rendering generates an invalid document for a CheckBox item
  • Fixed: PowerPoint rendering doesn't respect page size correctly

Rendering: Word

  • Fixed: Error occurs when an invalid URL string is specified for the target Url of a NavigateToUrl action
  • Fixed: Word rendering generates an invalid document for a CheckBox without text
  • Fixed: Error exporting reports with HtmlTextBox in page header/footer to Word Open XML format
  • Fixed: Text is rendered with incorrect line spacing for some fonts in Word Open XML format

Report Viewer for WPF

  • Fixed: The visual feedback for actions is not displayed correctly when the system DPI is different from 96
  • Fixed: The export ComboBox doesn't respect the report viewer themes
  • Fixed: Exception is thrown when the customer is using a model that implements IDataErrorInfo
  • Fixed: High CPU usage after the report is completely loaded.

Report Viewer for ASP.NET

  • Fixed: In some cases a report parameter editor incorrectly refreshes the report although the value has not been actually modified.
  • Fixed: The RefreshReport method from the client-side API exposes a boolean parameter that has no real use for the client code
  • Fixed: An error occurs when the page with the viewer is posted back in InProc session.
  • Fixed: The current page is incorrectly reset after a ToggleVisiblity action

Report Viewer for Silverlight

  • Fixed: The visual feedback for actions is not displayed correctly when the system DPI is different from 96
  • Fixed: Resources are not loaded when cookieless=true
  • Fixed: Align the report parameter editors in the Silverlight report viewer
  • Fixed: Localization of the report parameters is lost after updating a cascaded parameter value

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