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July 12, 2011

What's New in Telerik Reporting Q2 2011 (

  • CHANGE: Telerik.Reporting.ReportItem.Dock property is now OBSOLETE. Use Telerik.Reporting.ReportItem.Docking property instead.
  • CHANGE: Telerik.Reporting.ReportItem.Anchor property is now OBSOLETE. Use Telerik.Reporting.ReportItem.Anchoring property instead.
Memory footprint and performance improvements:
  • Reduced memory footprint and increased speed of processing and rendering of the reports in general
  • Better handling of reports with large number of images
  • ASP.NET ReportViewer performance in out-proc session
  • ReportViewers (WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, Silverlight) and ReportService memory optimizations for reports with large number of pages

What's Fixed

Report Model

    Fixed: Report model requires a reference to the System.Windows.Forms assembly

Data Sources

    Fixed: An error occurs when the SQL query has no name or alias for a column


  • Fixed: Processing.Table does not provide an API to enumerate cells after data binding
  • Fixed: An error occurs when rendering for a second time a report that is data bound to an ICustomTypeDescriptor data object
  • Fixed: Parse expression exception is not formatted correctly


    Fixed: Records are missing and blank space occurs in nested report when the master report group header is printed on every page


    Fixed: Curly brackets { } should be escaped when part of string literal

Report Viewer for Windows Forms

    Fixed: Once the NULL checkbox of automatic parameter UI is unchecked it can't be checked again if you leave the field empty.
    Fixed: An error occurs when printing from WinForms viewer

Report Viewer for ASP.NET

    Fixed: Unable to export to XPS format in an out-proc session state.

Report Viewer for Silverlight

  • Fixed: Hyperlinks in HtmlTextBox are not interactive
Report Viewer for WPF
  • Fixed: Hyperlinks in HtmlTextBox are not interactive

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