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Release History


May 9, 2011

What's Fixed in Telerik Reporting Q1 2011 SP1 (

  • CHANGE: Added Telerik.Reporting.IReportParameter interface
  • CHANGE: Telerik.Reporting.ReportParameter now implements Telerik.Reporting.IReportParameter
  • CHANGE: Telerik.Reporting.IReportDocument.ReportParameters is now of type IEnumerable
  • CHANGE: Removed obsolete members

Visual Studio Report Designer

  • Fixed: An error occurs when Edit style dialog is invoked for a style in a StyleRule
  • Fixed: An error occurs when localizing a report containing HtmlTextBox
  • Fixed: Html Preview shows redundant Zoom dropdown
  • Fixed: Multiple report items selection is lost when the Report Explorer is open
  • Fixed: Group Explorer context menu fails in certain scenarios
  • Fixed: Conditional Formatting cannot be applied to multiple items
  • Fixed: An error occurs upon Undo: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: component.
  • Fixed: The image of a PictureBox with Sizing Center is not scaled when zooming in VS report designer
  • Fixed: Double click on a field in Data Explorer when a table cell is selected does not replace its content
  • Fixed: ObjectDataSource Wizard does not list all available types
  • Fixed: Report groups are visible in the existing data source components tab

Report Model

  • Fixed: Navigate to URL Action is missing the Target option
  • Fixed: Retrieving the default printer settings for new reports causes random errors in a multi-threaded environment
  • Fixed: EditActionDialog is misaligned

Data Sources

  • Fixed: An error occurs when the data source member of an object data source returns null


  • Fixed: Invisible Detail section is not processed
  • Fixed: Report rendering errors occurring in a subreport are not bubbled up to the master report
  • Fixed: "Nested aggregates" error occurs when reports are rendered in a multi-threaded environment
  • Fixed: Incorrect PageExec calculations over group data
  • Fixed: Incorrect horizontal layout of nested tables
  • Fixed: Incorrect CheckBox check mark state when Value and TrueValue/FalseValue are evaluated to different numeric types
  • Fixed: Built-in expression functions/objects are not accessible while processing the data of a data item without DataSource
  • Fixed: An error occurs when a filtering expression is evaluated to "NULL"

Rendering: common

  • Fixed: PageExec is not evaluated correctly when PageCount is used
  • Fixed: Only one column is rendered in a multi-column report when PageCount is used
  • Fixed: Group headers are not rendered on the correct page when they cannot fit on a single page
  • Fixed: Report with report sections that fit exactly on the page is not paged correctly when the report produces many pages
  • Fixed: Items in a Table that are split on more than one pages are not paged correctly
  • Fixed: Page header is not rendered when it contains an item that does not fit in it

Rendering: Excel

  • Fixed: DateTime type is not rendered correctly when the Format property is not set
  • Fixed: A parameter to control the visibility of the Excel gridlines is missing
  • Fixed: Report page footer cannot be rendered with cells

Rendering: HTML

  • Fixed: PictureBox height greater than 16384px is not respected in IE
  • Fixed: HtmlTextBox paragraphs are rendered in HTML with greater margins than expected

Rendering: Image

  • Fixed: The last line of an error message inside an item is not rendered

Rendering: PDF

  • Fixed: An error occurs when a generated with Telerik Reporting PDF file is saved from Acrobat Reader

Rendering: PPTX

  • Fixed: Rotated text is not rendered correctly
  • Fixed: The neighboring table cells should have a common border
  • Fixed: The Sizing property of a PictureBox item is not respected when the item is placed in a table cell
  • Fixed: An item with defined NavigateToUrlAction crashes IE and PowerPoint

Rendering: XAML

  • Fixed: Border style was not respected
  • Fixed: An error occurs when rendering in multi-threaded environment
  • Fixed: Poor quality when rendering shapes
  • Fixed: PictureBox Stretch sizing mode is not respected correctly

Rendering: Word

  • Fixed: An error occurs when exporting a report with a TextBox without a text and a non-zero Angle
  • Fixed: HtmlTextBox is not rendered correctly

Report Service

  • Fixed: PDF print does not work when you have a report book with Mergeable=false parameters
  • Fixed: Client access policy not working with web requests (aka requests from the Silverlight viewer)

Report Viewer for WPF

  • Fixed: The viewer crashes when an open file is overridden during the export
  • Fixed: DocumentMap is disabled for one page reports
  • Fixed: Incorrect behavior when the Report property is not set

Report Viewer for Windows Forms

  • Fixed: Once the NULL checkbox of an automatic parameter UI is unchecked it cannot be checked again if you leave the field empty

Report Viewer for Silverlight

  • Fixed: The Adobe's plug-in Current Page option is not respected in the Silverlight Report Viewer
  • Fixed: DocumenMap is disabled for one page reports
  • Fixed: The viewer does not output detailed error message when an error occurs
  • Fixed: Report parameters do not keep the chosen value after refres
  • Fixed: Page Margins are not respected in Silverlight Native Print

Report Viewer for ASP.NET

  • Fixed: Special characters (e.g. apostrophe) are not encoded properly
  • Fixed: Report parameters of DateTime type do not work with customized cultures

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