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Release History

Reporting 2010.2921

September 20, 2010

What's New in Telerik Reporting Q2 2010 SP1 (v4.1.10.921)

  • Added: Skin property for the Chart item

What's Fixed


  • CHANGE: The default value of FontEmbedding device information setting in PDF rendering is changed from Full to Subset.
  • CHANGE: In page-oriented rendering extensions the GroupKeepTogether property is respected only when the group's item has a KeepTogether property and it is set to 'false'.
  • CHANGE: In page-oriented rendering extensions TextBox.KeepTogether property is now respected in horizontal direction as well..

Visual Studio Report Designer

  • Fixed: Named positional parameters are not shown in subsequent invoking of the Configure Data Source Parameters page of the SQL Data Source wizard.
  • Fixed: ObjectDataSource, EntityDataSource and OpenAccessDataSource wizards lose the selected data source type after recompiling the project.
  • Fixed: Upgrade Wizard does not upgrade the version of the Telerik.ReportViewer.Wpf assembly.
  • Fixed: CalculatedField.Expression is not validated on each change (cannot contain aggregates).
  • Fixed: Item borders are overlapped by the item's frame in the designer when the item is not selected.
  • Fixed: An error occurs when trying to create a new column in the Table item by dragging a field from the Data Explorer over the right border of an existing cell.
  • Fixed: Field name containing the dot character(.) is not escaped correctly when used in an expression.
  • Fixed: In VS ItemTemplates PageSections have different site names than the automatic component names.
  • Fixed: An error occurs when inserting adjacent table group next to a group that does not have a report item.
  • Fixed: Report sections are rendered overlapped after preview in some specific cases.
  • Fixed: Report items are visible in VS toolbox in the context of a Windows Form Designer.
  • Fixed: Report template contains xml comments which should not be inside the report constructor.
  • Fixed: Report.Name property is not serialized except when it is explicitly changed.
  • Fixed: Table layout gets corrupted when adding a column/row after deleting a row/column without first deleting the corresponding table group.
  • Fixed: Dropping a field over the Table item's body should generate automatically an aggregate function according to the field's data type.
  • Fixed: When Report Parameter Editor is invoked from other editors (like Filter Dialog, Conditional Formatting, etc.) you can't select/enter expression consuming properties (Display member, Filters, Sorting, Value).

Data Sources\SqlDataSource

  • Fixed: An error occurs in the Report designer when retrieving the schema of a SqlDataSource with invalid connection string.
  • Fixed: SqlDataSource does not support stored procedures under MySQL.
  • Fixed: SqlDataSource does not support the ODP.NET ADO.NET provider.
  • Fixed: An error occurs when SqlDataSource executes a stored procedure via ODBC provider.
  • Fixed: SqlDataSource cannot map database parameter to multivalue report parameter.

Report Processing

  • Fixed: When a font is not found or is substituted during the processing of the report all rendering extensions except the image rendering use the original font name.
  • Fixed: An error occurs when using an Aggregate function in Binding expression.
  • Fixed: Cannot set background images to the elements of the Chart item when there is a space in the file path.
  • Fixed: An error occurs when all child table groups of a table group remain empty.
  • Fixed: PageBreak and KeepTogether properties on Telerik.Reporting.Processing.ReportSection cannot be changed using processing events (only using a Binding expression).
  • Fixed: Multivalue parameter with default value explicitly set to null is not updatable through the automatic parameters UI.
  • Fixed: PageCount in Binding expression / interactive Action is not respected.
  • Fixed: RenderReport method has no public overload for accepting a CreateStream callback method as an argument.
  • Fixed: When Table.Visible property is turned off in the report definition, the table cannot be shown using events/ConditionalFormatting/Binding.

WCF Report Service

  • Fixed: System.ServiceMode.OperationContext.Current is not accessible from the report's constructor when rendering through the report service.

HTML Engine

  • Fixed: Html engine does not parse correctly html containing self-closing tags with attributes.
  • Fixed: Top and bottom margin should be rendered only for first-level list elements.

Image Rendering

  • Fixed: Only the reports after the last PageNumberingStyle.ResetNumberingAndCount are present in the ReportBook document after exporting.
  • Fixed: Nested tables are rendered with overlapped columns in Image rendering.
  • Fixed: Table item contained in a repeating group section is not rendered in Image rendering.
  • Fixed: TableGroup.GroupKeepTogether property is not respected when the group has no report item / the item is hidden.
  • Fixed: Repeating GroupHeader section overlaps GroupFooter section in some scenarios.
  • Fixed: Text lines are not clipped correctly when a growing text box is clipped in a PageHeader/PageFooter section.
  • Fixed: KeepTogether does not work for an item located in a spanned table body cell.
  • Fixed: KeepTogether property of a SubReport item is not respected when the SubReport has Page/ReportHeader sections.
  • Fixed: SubReport item not fitting on a single page cannot be split with KeepTogether = false.
  • Fixed: An error occurs when Table with turned on Column/RowHeadersPrintOnEveryPage has no data.

Excel Rendering

  • Fixed: A "Value cannot be null" error occurs when TextBox.Format property is null (Nothing in VB).
  • Fixed: Excel Rendering cannot render a report that is using a font not supporting REGULAR font weight.
  • Fixed: The precision specifier in TextBox.Format property is not handled correctly.

HTML Rendering

  • Fixed: Gap occurs between the borders of two items aligned next to each other.
  • Fixed: Not all sections of the report are rendered in DocumentMode: IE8 Standards.
  • Fixed: Shape item in a Table with applied BackgroundColor applies the color to the containing table cell.
  • Fixed: Table item with BackgroundImage is not rendered correctly in IE8.
  • Fixed: Table item is rendered with an empty top row in IE.
  • Fixed: Vertical gaps appear when table item containing items with background are rendered.

PDF Rendering

  • Fixed: An error occurs when using some specific fonts in PDF.

RTF Rendering

  • Fixed: An error occurs when the last row of a Table item contains merged cells.
  • Fixed: An error occurs in Rtf table report if a contained Table item remains without any cells.
  • Fixed: Sizing property of PictureBox is not respected in RTF rendering extension.

XAML Rendering

  • Fixed: An error occurs when rendering a report with invalid culture.
  • Fixed: The background of a TextBox with CanGrow turned off and middle/bottom vertical align is not rendered correctly.
  • Fixed: TextBox item is not clipped correctly in horizontal direction.
  • Fixed: Page sections are not clipped (can grow).
  • Fixed: TextWrap is not respected when turned off in a TextBox.
  • Fixed: Multiline is not respected when turned off in a TextBox.
  • Fixed: Background in TextBox is not rendered correctly when some padding is set.

XPS Rendering

  • Fixed: Report items that span on multiple pages are not clipped correctly.

All Report Viewers

  • Fixed: Added support for non-mergable Report Parameters with matching Name and Type in a ReportBook.
  • Fixed: Visible string report parameter with default settings does not require value input.

WebForms Report Viewer

  • Fixed: SecurityException occurs in Medium trust when using an out-proc session and a report with parameters.
  • Fixed: An error occurs when using cascading parameters with available values in .NET 4.0 site/application.
  • Fixed: PDF and Excel export options are visible in Medium Trust even when UnmanagedCodePermission is not granted.
  • Fixed: XPS export option is visible in Medium Trust (requires Full trust).
  • Fixed: General server-side exceptions in parameters area are not displayed in the viewer.
  • Fixed: ReportViewer toolbar is not disabled when there is an invalid parameter value.
  • Fixed: ZoomToPageWidth and ZoomToWholePage resource properties are not localized when ZoomMode property is not set to Percent

Silverlight Report Viewer

  • Fixed: Document map does not navigate correctly to bookmarks.
  • Fixed: Cannot localize a Report through the Localizable property.
  • Fixed: Editor for multi-value report parameter without available values is not shown.
  • Fixed: Editor for single value boolean report parameter does not apply its selection.
  • Fixed: Editor for multi-value report parameter with available values displays incorrect selection summary.
  • Fixed: Unable to print a report when the GET request is too big (e.g. multiple parameters or multivalue parameters with lots of selected values)

WPF Report Viewer

  • Fixed: An error occurs when the user types on keyboard while the focus is on a collapsed multi-value + available values parameter editor.
  • Fixed: Editor for multi-value report parameter without available values is not shown.
  • Fixed: Editor for single value boolean report parameter does not apply its selection.
  • Fixed: Editor of multi-value report parameter with available values display incorrect selection summary.

WinForms Report Viewer

  • Fixed: Cannot hide DocumentMap.
  • Fixed: DateTime report parameter editor shows Today's date, although it has no initial value.


  • Fixed: Chinese characters in ProductCatalog report are not displayed correctly when exported to PDF.

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