Telerik Reporting

Release History

Reporting 2009.31104

November 2, 2009

What's New

  • Silverlight Report viewer with True Printing Support
  • WCF report service
  • XPS/XAML rendering extension
  • Document map
  • Group explorer Tool Window
  • Added ColumnNumber function (similar to RowNumber)
  • Table: Add KeepTogether property/functionality
  • Table: Allow merge body cells by rows

What's Fixed


  • Chart: IntelligentLabelsEnabled property is now false by default
  • Barcodes Code128 and EAN128 allow non ASCII characters
  • Table ToolBox item intial set modified to create column groups with header items
  • HtmlTextBox: Incorrect handling of 'font' attribute when containing font name with more than one word

Report Processing

  • Incorrect conditional formatting for items inside page sections
  • Table: allow using detail groups in a crosstab scenario (Detail group found! exception)
  • Cannot bind to a collection of an interface type when this interface is explicitly implemented
  • Report Binding to DataRows Array is broken
  • Groping/Filtering expression "=" is not handled and raise exception
  • Incorrect calculation of expression Fields.X.Y where X is DBNull
  • TOP N/BOTTOM N and TOP %/BOTTOM % do not behave like expected
  • Borders for docked items are applied even if Visible=false
  • TextBox and HtmlTextBox items render differently both at design and runtime

Excel Rendering

  • BorderStyle of items not respected in case there are bordering items, one with solid border one without

Html Rendering

  • Extra word wrapping when text lines are rendered separated by <br/> tags.
  • Html rendering extension throws an exception if Table cell contains a very long item
  • HtmlRendering does not render the <br> tag inside a HtmlTextBox item
  • Text content should not affect the width of the TextBoxes in IE thus changing the layout.
  • TextWrap not respected in Html rendering

Image Rendering

  • Performance optimizations
  • HtmlTextBox: Incorrect padding of when no content fits on the current page.
  • HtmlTextBox: KeepTogether is not respected (always True)
  • SubReport item is not kept together with the report in it; Report in a SubReport is not kept together with its first section
  • Table (Crosstab) repeats records from previous page
  • Table item: merging body cells causes GDI+ error during rendering
  • Table should always keep the header (row/column) with the 1st body row/column
  • Table: column with a zero width is rendered with a non-zero width
  • Table: Incorrect rendering of cells that spans on 1+ columns when split on 2 pages
  • TableGroup with KeepTogether property set to true does not move to the next page when the group ends right after the end of the page
  • TextBox item is not always kept together with its first line
  • TextLines are not kept together and are split between 2 vertical pages

PDF Rendering

  • Arabic culture text align is not correct in Image and PDF rendering extensions
  • Barcode item throws Parameter is not valid error

RTF Rendering

  • Invisible Shape item raises exception
  • Transparent images are rendered opaque in rtf

Visual Studio Report Designer

  • BackgroundImage set through the conditional formatting editor cannot be removed by the Delete button
  • Component tray takes the focus on mouse enter
  • Copy-paste in Report Designer does not select properly the pasted items
  • Crosstab/Table Wizard is opening with default choice Create DataSource selected but the Next button is disabled
  • Edit Filters dialog shows an error when an invalid expression is specified for a filter
  • Edit Filters dialog: multiline expressions raise the error
  • Group explorer improvements
  • Incorrect insert row for the dynamic row of a fresh Table
  • Obsolete warning "You must rebuild..." is shown at design time
  • Report Explorer: show report parameters and style rules (stylesheet)
  • Selecting a group in Group Explorer should replace the current selection in Report Designer
  • Should be prohibited to put Crosstab/Table/List items in the header
  • Table item initial template (when dropped from the toolbox) should create the header row as column headers and not as a row (static row group)
  • Table item: ESC key does not select the table
  • Table wizard after drop the field does not select the item in the drop target
  • Table: consider enabling the context menu for the static groups in the group explorer.
  • Table: Deleting a column from the row header should preserve the dynamic row groups
  • Table: Dropping a toolbox item to a table cell throws an exception
  • Table: Incorrect Undo/Redo of table operations
  • Table: Rotate table
  • Table: The Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete commands for the table cells to operate over the cells' content
  • Using Bring To Front/Send to Back on a report item which has borders applied, would make the borders disappear in the designer
  • When creating a new data source with the Table/Crosstab Wizard the DataSource property of the generated Table/Crosstab is not set correctly

WebForms Report Viewer

  • Browser's Print functionality should be used by default when pdf rendering extension is not available in medium trust.
  • Cannot find the http handler's registration in medium trust when placed in a page in an inner folder.
  • Toolbar disappears in IE8 if not in compatibility mode and DOCTYPE is set.
  • The Export button should not open a new window when exporting a document.
  • Added ParametersAreaVisible property
  • User defined function used as report parameter value is not found when OutProc session is used
  • Web ReportViewer: report disappears after calling RefreshReport in postback without accessing the Report property first.
  • When exporting in an out-proc session the name of the document is ReportBook instead of the report's type name.

WinForms Report Viewer

  • The Print dialog does not have focus and requires second click

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