Telerik Reporting

Release History

Reporting 2009.2701

June 30, 2009

What's New

Report Processing API

  • Implemented Processing Error Handling
  • Added the ability to hide the print progress dialog when printing a report programmatically

CrossTab/Table Report Item

  • Table/CrossTab Wizards
  • Added Group Keep Together
  • Group print on every page
  • Merge/split cells at design time
  • Add Totals at design time
  • Improved design time support

Export to Excel

  • Added support for custom numeric and date-time format strings

WinForms ReportViewer

  • Added support for multi-page view


  • Reduced the number of assemblies required by Telerik Reporting runtime to 3:
    • Telerik.Reporting - the reporting engine APIs and runtime
    • Telerik.ReportViewer.WinForms - the Windows Forms report viewer control
    • Telerik.ReportViewer.WebForms - the ASP.NET report viewer control

What's Fixed

  • Panel item does not respect anchor/dock
  • The PageCount returns incorrect value when in embedded expressions
  • An exception is thrown when the Avg (Average) function is calculated against Null values only
  • HtmlTextBox: an error occurs when a value contains CSS Font property with line height
  • HtmlTextBox: incorrect handling of HTML entities (e.g.  )
  • Chart: PaletteItem.Name property is not serialized
  • Chart: Background images is not respected when FillSettings.BackgroundImage property is set
  • Table: incorrect output when the Table contains only static row groups
  • Table: Incorrect vertical measurement of the cells

Excel Rendering

  • Standard percent string format was not supported

Html Rendering

  • Fixed HtmlTextBox/TextBox items are visible even with zero height

Image Rendering

  • Table: Incorrect horizontal paging
  • Incorrect rendering of page sections with PrintOnLastPage = False
  • Incorrect rendering when an item is hidden
  • HtmlTextBox: incorrect rendering when in a page section and CanShrink = True
  • HtmlTextBox: Incorrect rendering of a sequence of BR elements
  • Performance improvements

Pdf Rendering

  • A Win32Exception\OutOfMemoryException occurs when generating a large number of PDF documents

Visual Studio Report Designer

  • Fixed a problem with acute/accent characters when Report designer is active
  • Fixed a hang of the Business Object explorer in the Data Source Wizard
  • Fixed the Expression column (Filter/Grouping/Sorting editors) to show sorted lists of items in the dropdown
  • Fixed incorrect item layout inside a new section added at design time
  • Fixed the Format editor had wrong format when applied for a first time
  • Fixed Explorer windows (Data and Report explorers) gets cleared on preview and is not re-populated when back in report designer until re-opened
  • Fixed Explorer windows incorrect behavior after preview
  • Fixed incorrect display of the TextBox value when the item is smaller than 1 line of text
  • Fixed the incorrect sizing of the designer tools/dialogs on certain display resolutions.

WebForms Report Viewer

  • The default and available values of report parameters are not validated and automatically converted to the type of the parameter in Web ReportViewer
  • The parameters area is not shown when there is an exception in the parameters page
  • Report is not shown properly when using RadCompression module in combination with IIS7 and Firefox
  • Fixed an exception thrown when the http handler is registered in the config file only with its full name (without assembly version, culture and token)
  • Fixed Memory leaks when using ASP.NET Session
  • Fixed the incorrect behavior of the PageWidth and FullPage zoom modes. The Zoom functionality of the Web Viewer is now obsolete
  • Fixed Report parameters values not serialized correctly for parameters with one and the same name in a report book
  • Fixed the incorrect rendering of the viewer with certain DOCTYPEs
  • Fixed the incorrect client validation of the report parameters when click on the Preview button
  • Multiline parameter editor is not sized correctly
  • Fixed the parameter's Null checkbox is incorrectly checked although there is a default value set for the parameter

WinForms Report Viewer

  • Fixed a crash when desktop resolution is different from 96 DPI
  • Fixed an exception when canceling an export operation
  • Cannot call ReportViewerBase.PrintReport() before the report is rendered

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