Telerik Reporting

Release History

Reporting 2009.1430

April 29, 2009

What's New

WinForms ReportViewer

  • Added support for multi-page view in Win Report Viewer

What's Fixed

Report Processing

  • IDataObject: missing API reference.
  • Using aggregate functions in a conditional formatting rule for a group footer section throws exception.
  • Setting the Image property of a Processing.PictureBox within the PictureBox.ItemDataBinding event is not applied.
  • Setting the Value property of a Processing.TextBox from within the parent ItemDataBinding event is not applied.
  • RowNumber function returns incorrect results.
  • Telerik Reporting assemblies can be merged with ILMerge in a 3rd party assembly.
  • Barcodes Code 128 A and Code 128 B add an unnecessary leading zero.
  • Report group with empty grouping should behave like unbound group and not like detail group.
  • HtmlTextBox measuring does not respect CanGrow = false.
  • HtmlTextBox does not move a Text chunk starting with a single letter on a new row even when there is no place for that letter.
  • Reusing the same DeviceInfo object when programmatically exporting multiple reports breaks the reports processing after the first one.
  • Crosstab Body cells TextBoxes raise exception when data is null.
  • HtmlTextBox: <br> tag breaks the rendering of the html. The correct tag is <br />.
  • CheckBox: Embedded expressions can now be used in the Text property.
  • Tab characters cause some text to be clipped in RTF, XLS and PDF formats.

Excel Rendering

  • Added support for the standard Excel page header.
  • Text longer than 8,221 characters throws an exception.

Html Rendering

  • Additional padding is applied to the shape items.
  • Text is always wrapped even when TextWrap=false.
  • SubReport item with borders is rendered with vertical scrollbar.
  • Item displacement when report's width is greater than viewer's width.
  • Incorrect text wrapping in a textbox when padding is used.
  • Report.PageSettings.Landscape property not respected correctly.

Image Rendering

  • Setting HtmlTextBox Visible property to false prevents the rendering of the report at all.
  • Processing errors are not visible when rendering.

Pdf Rendering

  • Modify the immediate print JavaScript bShtinkToFit parameter to consider ViewerPrintScaling.None.
  • Border width of items is somewhat bigger when 2 vertical or horizontal ones are missing.

Rtf Rendering

  • CheckBox image is clipped.
  • Added support for the HtmlTextBox item.

Design time support

  • The Upgrade Wizard cannot handle properly non-Unicode ASPX pages.
  • The item cannot be moved after copy/paste.
  • VS designer error on double edit of a textbox item
  • HtmlTextBox: In-place editor does not start on F2
  • Chart item serialization problems - only a single property change is serialized when making changes.
  • Html editor at design time does not allow font-size CSS property to be set.
  • Cannot select/resize Table rows if the Table item is at the very left position (x=0) of a report section.
  • HtmlTextBox designer does not provide correct Baseline snapline.
  • An error "DataSet does not support System.Nullable<>" occurs in the Report/Data Source Wizard when a business object with a nullable property is selected.
  • ExternalStyleSheet: if path is wrong the desig-time dialog raises exception.
  • Data/Report wizard - Incorrect typed DataSet generated when a connection from the app.config is used.
  • HtmlTextBox: WYSIWYG html editor does not show scrollbars.
  • HtmlTextBox: WYSIWYG editor must not allow formatting to be applied inside an embedded expression.
  • HtmlTextBox: Expression editor (WYSIWYG mode) does not accept Enter key.
  • TextBox: Expression editor (when editing Value) should surround embedded expressions with {}.
  • Add Context Menu to the Group Explorer.

WebForms Report Viewer

  • The http handler for IIS 7 is not added when the web.config is opened in VS IDE.
  • The report shown in the viewer does not change although another report is assigned to the Report property.
  • "This document already has a 'DocumentElement' node" error when ReportViewer tries to configure the http hander in web.config.
  • Rendering extensions in the drop-down list should be sorted alphabetically.
  • The "NULL" checkbox in parameters UI is not checked by default when AllowNull is true and the default parameter value is Null.
  • Report Parameter's DatePicker always opens on current month.
  • Checkboxes in the multivalue parameter editor are centered when viewer is placed in a <center> tag or text-align:center is used.

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