Telerik Reporting

Release History

Reporting 2008.31402

February 1, 2009

Fixes and Improvements

Report Object Model:

  • Added KeepTogether support to the SubReport, Panel, and TextBox report items
  • Added support for NotLike filter operator

Web ReportViewer:

  • Fixed "Session should be enabled" error when you try to change the Web ReportViewer Report property
  • Fixed Incorrect reloading of report in ReportViewer on ajax request

Report Processing:

  • Added support for assembly scoped user functions
  • Fixed incorrect TextAlign when Angle property is not 0 and CanGrow=true in textbox item
  • Fixed incorrect handling of empty lines in Multiline textbox item

Image Rendering:

  • Fixed incorrect rendering of error messages
  • Fixed incorrect layout of invisible sections with a page break
  • Fixed incorrect layout when an item shrinks
  • Performance optimizations

PDF Rendering

  • Added PDF image caching
  • Fixed incorrect handling of fonts with unicode characters in the name (e.g. DFKai-SB, etc.)

Visual Studio Designer

  • Fixed exception "Unsupported page unit"
  • Added support for connection strings from the application's config file for Data Source and Report Wizards.
  • Added support for setting styles for multiple report items at once
  • Added option for disabling the Report Wizard occurance


  • Documentation improvements

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