Telerik Reporting

Release History

Reporting 2008.31209

December 8, 2008

Fixes and Improvements (v2.9.8.1209)

Report Processing:

  • Fixed: Business Object DataSource with nonpublic default constructor is not supported
  • Fixed: When a PictureBox is bound to a source returning invalid image data an ArgumentException is thrown.
  • Fixed: Incorrect measurement of subreports.
  • Obsolete: Telerik.Reporting.Processing.ReportItemBase.ItemCollection. Use Telerik.Reporting.Processing.ProcessingElement.ElementCollection instead.

HTML Rendering:

  • Fixed: Group headers and footers inside a SubReport are sometimes displayed twice in HTML Rendering.
  • Fixed: Textbox disappears in certain cases in HTML Rendering.
  • Fixed: SubReport item Style is not respected in HTML.
  • Fixed: Shape items do not render borders in HTML rendering.
  • Fixed: Rendering speed issues when using too many docked items.

Image Rendering:

  • Fixed: Incorrect output/hang when GroupHeaderSection.PrintOnEveryPage=True + Detail that spans on several pages.
  • Fixed: SubReport item does not go on next page even if no content of the subreport fits on current page.
  • Fixed: Report items with negative to the parent location are not clipped when rendered with Image rendering extension.
  • Fixed: Child item order in the parent's collection is not respected during rendering.
  • Fixed: Image rendering is broken if a PictureBox is bound to a field returning null or DBNull.

PDF Rendering:

  • Fixed: The PDF Rendering Extension sometimes throws an exception when rendering an image with one of the "Indexed" PixelFormats.
  • Fixed: The PDF Rendering extension is not thread-safe, which cause an exception if used in multi-threaded applications.

Excel Rendering

  • Fixed: TextBox.TextWrap property is not respected in Excel.
  • Fixed: SubReport without a ReportSource causes a StackOverflowException in Excel Rendering.
  • Fixed: If the version is TRIAL, the PageHeader's last row is not frozen in Excel as it should be.

Visual Studio Designer

  • Fixed: HTML Preview now uses HTML instead of MHTML and is available for users on VISTA/IE7.
  • Fixed: Displaying units in the report designer is not quite precise for some unit types - mm, pt, pc.
  • Fixed: Report designer allows to copy/paste sections and groups when it should NOT.
  • Fixed: Designer breaks after moving from the code pane to the report designer in a split layout.
  • Fixed: Setting size 0 for a font throws an exception.
  • Fixed: Design time commands (cut, copy, paste, etc.) are active even in Preview mode.
  • Fixed: The Label Wizard tries to assign the DetailSection 0 (zero) ColumnCount for some categories such as TANEX and an exception is raised.


  • Fixed: Disposing Report Viewer throws an exception while the rendering thread is still active.
  • Fixed: The Chart report item does not render correcly axis labels when LabelStep is greater than 1
  • Fixed: Crash during backup of the UpgradeWizard.
  • Fixed: Made obsolete the explicit cast operator of Telerik.Reporting.Drawing.Font to System.Drawing.Font.
  • Fixed: NeedDataSource event is not raised when session state mode is SQLServer or StateServer.

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