Telerik Reporting

Release History

Reporting 2008.31105

November 4, 2008

Q3 2008 Release Notes (v2.9.8.1105)

Features and Improvements
  • Updated Project Upgrade Wizard
  • New Report Rendering Engine, offering:
    • Excellent rendering performance
      The new rendering engine optimizes the usage of system resources (memory consumption and processor loads) during data processing and report generation to meet the high demands of our enterprise customers who need to process large data sets;
    • Optimal paging layout (used in page-aware formats, such as PDF)
      Q3 2008 comes with new paging logic by introducing a superior and more sophisticated algorithm for calculation and inspection of pages before they are rendered. The new algorithm renders reports optimally, taking full advantage of available page space, especially when there are large blocks of text/data which span over one page;
    • Foundation for Cross Tab data presentation
      The new rendering engine provides the foundation for data presentation in cross tabs, which will be officially available in 2009.


  • Text lines are no longer split across pages
  • SubReports are now correctly rendered across pages
  • Correct Group Rendering (KeepTogether, PrintOnEveryPage, etc.)
  • A problem with matching the correct user defined function overload when DBNull is returned
  • Export to Excel was too slow for moderate number of report items in detail section
  • Toolbox items are no longer missing on 64-bit operating systems
  • RTF frames are no longer created when there is not UI to show on them, i.e. back-color, borders, etc.
  • Fixed some error message typos

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