Telerik Reporting

Release History

Reporting 1.0 Beta2CTP

November 1, 2006

Key Product Highlights

Telerik Reporting is the perfect tool for developers who need a solid, royalty-free, solution that eliminates the common shortcomings of .NET reporting platforms. Here are the key features which we are currently working on:

  • Intuitive API - easy for both WinForms and Web developers
  • Rich set of measurement units (cm, mm, in, px, pt + any combination) for precise report design
  • Extensible report object model - customize or create your own report items
  • Out-of-the-box export to HTML, Excel, PDF, Word, EMF, image (bmp, jpeg, gif)
  • Flexible rendering mechanism - allows you to easily add new output formats (XML, XPS, etc.)
  • Built-in report designers for Visual Studio .Net 2003 and 2005
  • Dynamic CSS-like styling and centralized Themes mechanism for complete control over UI elements

CTP Feature list

  • Report sections:
    • Page header/footer
    • Report header/footer
    • Group header/footer
    • Detail with multiple columns
  • Report items:
    • TextBox
    • PictureBox
  • Cascading styles for customizing the items' appearance
  • Scale units for customizing the measurements of the items, borders, fonts, etc. - pixel, point, cm, mm, inch, pica.
  • VS2005 built-in designer with image and HTML previews
  • Windows forms viewer control
  • WebForms viewer control
  • Rendering formats
    • GDI
    • TIFF
    • HTML
    • MHTML (Web Archive)

Telerik Reporting

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