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Release History

Progress® Telerik® Reporting R3 2023 SP1 (

November 15, 2023

Support .NET 8 Official

  • Added support for .NET 8 in the WinForms and WPF report viewers as well as the REST service which they can use as a remote report generation engine.

SkiaSharp-based Open XML rendering

  • In 2023 R3 SP1 we extend the supported rendering extensions by adding some of the Open XML based formats to the list. This release brings SkiaSharp-based rendering for Word (.docx), Excel (.xlsx) and PowerPoint (.pptx) documents.

SkiaSharp-based Image rendering

  • This release brings SkiaSharp-based rendering for Image exports. We currently support IMAGE, IMAGEInteractive, IMAGEPrintPreview and IMAGEPrint rendering extensions.

SkiaSharp-based CSV rendering

  • CSV export format is now fully supported for SkiaSharp-based rendering.

Added code snippets for configuring Web Report Designer's denied permissions settings in example reports and report templates

  • A sample code snippets demonstrating how to configure denied permissions for Web Report Designer is added to our examples and item templates.

What's Improved

  • Web Report Designer's permissions now include Report Overwrite permission.

What's Changed

  • Telerik.Reporting.Processing.PictureBox.Image requires 'Telerik.Drawing.IImage' instead of 'System.Drawing.Image'.
  • Native Blazor Report Viewer reference to Telerik UI for Blazor is updated to 4.6.0.

Standalone Report Designer for .NET 6 and above

  • Telerik Reporting installer does not update the connection string in the configuration file of Standalone Report Designer for .NET 6.

Web Designer

  • Pasting a report item fails when the selected item is a table, list, or crosstab.
  • New DB providers are not shown in WRD's SQL Data Source Wizard.
  • The Property drop-down list in Bindings window does not list the available paths.
  • Adding report item (gauge, graph or table) in table with embedded wizard throws error.
  • SwissQRCode allows value to be edited even if it is set to be populated from bill data.
  • Linear Gauge has non-localizable properties.
  • Menu separators are missing or misplaced when command permissions are applied.
  • The selection in the drop-down list with opened reports is not applied correctly when Commands_Document_Open permission is denied.
  • Only Textbox items can be inserted in Table cells.


  • The example of Native Angular Report Viewer shows redundant command buttons.
  • The built-in HTML5IntegrationDemo examples all target .NET 6.
  • Angular (JQuery) viewer demo is not in a separate folder.


  • Incorrect version is present in the file fonticons- in the Designer folder.


  • Multiline text measurement in Skia is incorrect.
  • Setting the Value of a PictureBox to an invalid type throws a misleading exception when using Skia graphics engine.
  • AccessibleDescription for LinearGauge is missing, when EnableAccessibility is set to true.


  • Report's accessibility output does not include any information about Custom Action parameters.


  • Referencing "System.Drawing.Common 7.0.0" throws 'System.PlatformNotSupportedException' when using Skia graphics engine.
  • Text containing Arabic characters is not rendered correctly in .NET applications.
  • HTMLTextbox Justify is applied, when a line break is set under Linux for Skia Rendering.

HTML Rendering

  • Images in HTML rendering have blurry borders when Skia graphics engine is used.
  • Text is trimmed due to incorrect measurement when rendering with Skia graphics engine.

Image Rendering

  • TIFF is the default image export format on non-Windows platforms.

PDF Rendering

  • SVG is not exported successfully due to an ArithmeticException when Skia graphics engine is used.
  • A NullReferenceException is thrown when exporting to PDF using libgdiplus graphics library.
  • SVG text is not exported when Skia graphics engine is used.
  • Base 64 image gradient do not work, when using Skia Graphics engine.
  • Report with complex SVG may throw DocumentRenderException when Skia graphics engine is used.

Word Rendering

  • Cell borders are not rendered in exported Word document.
  • Gauge items are cropped when exporting in Word format and report contains multiple Gauge items.

XPS Rendering

  • RadialGauge contains doubled background when exported to XPS.


  • Telerik.Reporting for .NET Standard has a dependency on System.Resources.NetStandard.dll.

Native Angular Report Viewer

  • Changing the reportSource property does not reload the viewer.

Native Blazor Report Viewer

  • Icons in the toolbar have bigger size than the ones in the Search dialog.

Visual Studio Integration

  • Upgrade Wizard throws an error when upgrading projects containing reporting-related JS/CSS report viewer files.

Product Dependencies

Telerik Reporting
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4
- .NET Standard 2.0
- .NET 6
- .NET 7
- .NET 8

- Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClient ( or later)

HTML5 Report Viewer
- Telerik Kendo UI (2022.3.913 or later)
- jQuery (1.9.1 or higher if required by Kendo)

ASP.NET WebAPI REST Report Service
- Microsoft ASP.NET Web API (4.0.20710.0 or later) - Newtonsoft.Json (13.0.1 or later)

ServiceStack REST Report Service
- ServiceStack (

ASP.NET MVC Extension of the HTML5 Report Viewer
- Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Framework (4.0.20710.0 or later)

Native Angular Report Viewer
- Kendo UI for Angular (13.2.0)

Native Blazor Report Viewer
- Telerik UI for Blazor (4.6.0)

WinUI Report Viewer
- Telerik UI Controls for WinUI (2.8.0)

WPF Report Viewer for .NET 7
- Telerik UI Controls for WPF (2023.3.1114.70) targeting .NET 7

WPF Report Viewer for .NET 6
- Telerik UI Controls for WPF (2023.3.1114.60) targeting .NET 6

WPF Report Viewer for .NET Framework
- Telerik UI Controls for WPF (2023.3.1114.40)

Database cache ICache implementation
- Telerik Data Access ORM (2015.1.220.1)

.NET Core Reporting Engine
- SQLite (3.38.0)

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