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Telerik Report Server

Release History

Telerik Report Server R3 2016 (version

September 13, 2016


  • Support all important functonalities like report management, scheduling tasks, data alerts and report export.

Improved Reporting Engine

  • The reporting engine now support built-in Table of Contents (TOC), Private Fonts, Continues Paper, better report rendering performance and more flexible container items layout.


  • The special "LocationProvider" expressions, available for PointMapSeries are now renamed to "Location" for consistency

Engine Common

  • CSV data source inline source is now kept outside the report definition


  • The report names with slashes should be forbidden
  • Modifying scheduled task or data alert subscribers does not notify the scheduling service
  • SQL Data Source Wizard displays restricted connections
  • Windows service error handling does not show comprehensive information
  • Mails for the scheduled tasks and data alerts stop being sent if the scheduling Windows service has been restarted

Engine Common

  • PageBreak setting on invisible sections are respected
  • TRDX report definition cannot be converted directly into TRDP, if the report contains resources

Standalone Report Designer

  • The Navigate to Report action report parameters are not populated when using TRDP report definition
  • Watermark undo operation fails which disables the Reset operation in the Property window
  • Label Wizard does not let paper to be selected
  • Watermark properties are not serialized correctly
  • Can not undo/redo Page Settings
  • Lock, Publish and Revert commands remain disabled when the username is entered with a different letter case
  • Insert table row from ribbon menu inserts a column


  • Graph item's Legend is not displayed when its Position is Absolute
  • Location and Size properties' expressions use the machine culture's List separator instead of comma (,)
  • The Map item doesn't calculate the world bounds correctly when the extent spans exactly the whole world and TileProvider is not used
  • Empty collection property used as data source causes 'Index was outside the bounds of the array' error
  • GraphMapSeries datapoints (nested graphs) are not rendered


  • KeepTogether is not respected in some Table layouts
  • Table is not rendered correctly if there is horizontal paging in the report document
  • Incorrect paging of leading PageBreak in nested report
  • Report with report sections that fit nicely on page is not paged correctly when the report produces many pages


  • RendererNotAvailableException: ReportProcessor.RenderReport cannot be executed with a custom rendering extension in a multithread application

HTML Rendering

  • Axis labels with font size set in pixels are not aligned correcly in HTML5 Viewer

XPS Rendering

  • Invalid HTML in HtmlTextBox item causes error in the Silverlight XAML rendering

PowerPoint Rendering

  • Additional lines after <li> elements in HtmlTextBox exported in PPTX format


  • 'Document not found' error when executing a toggle visibility action in a web farm scenario

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