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Telerik Report Server

Release History

Telerik Report Server R2 2016 SP1 (version

June 14, 2016


  • Save As... action performed on a never published report corrupts report
  • Permission scope dropdown is not updated correctly when selecting 'Create' access mode in 'Add Permission' view
  • Data connections created from the standalone designer on the Report Server do not get correct permissions
  • OpenXML formats (XLSX, DOCS, PPTX) are not available when a scheduled task or an alert is executed
  • Performance issues when loading items in the views

Engine Common

  • Page break changes the behavior of TextAlign=Justify

Sql Data Source

  • Ambiguous error message when the select command returns fields with duplicate names

Standalone Report Designer

  • Doesn't persist the password when saving a report server connection entry
  • Query Designer model is broken if the table used in relation is replaced
  • Query Designer data preview shows error if removing manual related fields
  • Query Designer data preview pane does not refresh when Relationships are specified manually
  • Query Designer relationships pane does not load the available data objects
  • Query Designer cannot open after saving report to trdp with empty state
  • Import Report Wizard can't handle report types that reference external assemblies
  • Existing Connection strings are saved with preceding 'local' keyword on configuring an Cube component
  • An error occurs when duplicating a DataItem
  • Moving targets in Toggle Visibility action removes the target
  • Create new server report dialog missing default category selection
  • Report designer settings (zoom, show grid, etc.) are not persisted in some cases
  • Design time property values are lost on changing the report document format
  • Clicking a button in the Toolbar does not return the focus to the designer area
  • Doesn't work with ADFS accounts
  • Toggle Visibility Targets are not ordered correctly
  • Toggle Visibility Target editor throw exception when closed by "X"
  • Expression combos with text cannot be edited inline
  • Action targets cannot be edited if target component is deleted


  • ToggleVisibility and Sorting action do not affect the report in some cases
  • When printing a report with a custom paper kind, the page size is not respected
  • NoDataMessage is not displayed when the DataSource is set to Null
  • UriReportSource with a relative path to a package file (.trdp) is not resolved correctly in WinForms and WPF viewers


  • ReportParameter.Text expression is not evaluated when ReportParameter.Value is not present in AvailableValues

Excel Rendering

  • Double.NaN value cannot be saved in Excel file

XAML Rendering

  • Unhandled exception when TileProvider.Attribution is not set


  • Report rendering is not cancelled correctly when an auto-refresh parameter obtains an invalid value
  • The AutoRefresh property value of hidden report parameters affects the AutoRefresh functionality of the viewers
  • Report parameters available values are not refreshed on Refresh
  • Special characters in Report.DocumentName prevent exporting to DOCX format
  • Navigate to Bookmark action not working in IE
  • Item templates are not completing successfully in some cases
  • Exporting to TIFF format from HTML5 Report Viewer fails
  • Client side security issue

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