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Telerik Report Server

Release History

Telerik Report Server R2 2016 (version

May 3, 2016

Data Alerts

  • In R2 2016 we now support data alerts. Data alerts are a data driven alerting solution which allows you to be informed about report data that is important and relevant to your interests, and at the right time. Data alerts save you the time for going through numerous reports to find relevant information. With data alerts the important information comes to you.

Integration with the WPF and WinForms Report Viewers

  • In the previous release, we have integrated the HTML5 based Report Viewers with Telerik Report Server. Now we have continued our efforts and have provided integration from the Report Server to Telerik Reporting desktop report viewers (WPF and Windows Forms). The desktop viewers are now capable of consuming reports rendered on the server. Thus, you can feed your WPF or WinForms app with reports stored, rendered, and cached remotely on the report server. This enables you to update reports remotely on the server without the end user having to upgrade the already installed desktop application in order to see the updated reports.

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