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Telerik Report Server

Release History

Telerik Report Server R1 2018 SP2 (

February 27, 2018

What's Improved

  • Improved ReportServer management app responsiveness
  • Kendo JS updated to version 2018.1.117

What's Improved in report generation

  • Axis label shows the correct date when there is only one data point on a DateTime scale


  • "New alert" window validation needs improvement
  • Currently logged admin user can remove himself from the 'System Administrator' role
  • Data item field in the rules of new data alert window is not populated correctly
  • Grid toolbar buttons are staying active even if no row is selected
  • Guest user is listed when editing user roles
  • Links are not styled properly
  • Modal windows have wrong position
  • Modal windows keyboard navigation needs improvement
  • The favorite column in the Reports page is not saved on the client after sorting
  • The title of the window for adding and editing users is incorrect
  • Window fields validation is incorrect


  • Scheduled task cannot be executed when created without specifying RecurrenceRule.Count parameter

Engine Common

  • ColumnNumber and RowNumber expressions are incorrectly calculated when used for sorting with descending order


  • Add new CSV data source in a server report throws an error
  • Design surface gets scrolled all the way up upon root report selection
  • OpenEdge OpenClient data source wizard throws error when retrieving the available procedures
  • Report author should be notified that report's width is smaller than page's width
  • Report section's width is not shown correctly in the designer for multicolumn report
  • Style.BackgroundImage and PictureBox image are incorrectly drawn in the designer on machine with high DPI
  • Style.Padding property is not respected on container items at design-time
  • When resized horizontally report sections snap to their current position
  • Add TOC to a report book should use the open file dialog
  • Error messages shown for failed designer startup are not informative enough

Sql Data Source

  • Improve the SQL Query Designer DB schema change handling
  • MySql ODBC Connector 5.3 does not provide the sample results schema when used in stored procedure


  • The error message "An error occurred while evaluating the report parameters. Report source cannot be processed." does not specify the Parameter name


  • Report with Left or Right padding is not rendered correctly
  • Section with padding grows in the rendered report
  • Sections do not grow to respect padding

Image Rendering

  • Small gaps appear when drawing closed shape items with line width greater than 2 px

Excel Rendering

  • Image is saved with incorrect size in Excel document definition


  • Paging buttons are missing from mobile layout

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