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Release History

Progress® Telerik® Report Server R3 2023 (

March 6, 2024


  • The goal of this release is to remediate a security vulnerability, thus increasing the availability of this security improvement. Additionally, it contains all the other fixes and improvements introduced with versions and These versions do not contain breaking changes that would require additional efforts when upgrading. We strongly advise upgrading your installation of the Telerik Report Server product.

Upcoming change

  • The release 2024 Q1 is the last one that requires .NET Framework 4.5 - 4.6.1 runtime. The next 2024 Q2 release will require .NET Framework 4.6.2+ runtime.

Move Column Right/Left functionality added for tables in Web Report Designer

  • Selected table columns can be moved using the new context menu functionality "Move Columns > Left/Right" for tables with static column groups.

The Value editor for HtmlTextBox item in Web Report Designer now uses a KendoUI Editor component

  • We have replaced the component for editing the Value property of the HtmlTextBox item. Instead of using a plain-text editor, the users now can write and preview their HTML in a KendoUI Editor component, having instant visual feedback on how their HTML will look like in the rendered report.

The Data view now provides an option to test the validity of the data connections

  • Connections strings can be tested from Data view toolbar or in creating/editing a connection pop-up window. A notification is presented to the user with a success or failure message.

What's Improved

  • A new built-in expression named Environment provides information about the operating system and graphics engine.
  • The Properties area of Web Report Designer now has better presentation of the hierarchy of sections and subsections.
  • The preview of the Web Report Designer is now redesigned by integrating the "Go to Design Mode" button of the report preview into the Report Viewer's toolbar.
  • Show descriptions for individual properties in Web Report Designer.

What's Changed

  • Updated the version of the internally used System.Data.SqlClient assembly.
  • Trace.WriteLine calls are replaced with relevant Trace methods.

Web Service Data Source

  • WebServiceDataSource wizard does not use the design-time value of its parameters.
  • The error message is not propagated to the client application.

Desktop Designer

  • HTML editor may crash when changing the font size multiple times.

Web Designer

  • Wrong selection and visual representation on the design surface after adding gauge or graph item in a table header.
  • Wizards' properties have no tooltip descriptions.
  • Cannot invoke the context menu without resizing Explorer tree area when the report item name is longer.
  • Resizing the report's width does not change the report's "modified" state.
  • The font weight is not applied correctly on the editors in Properties area.
  • The Report Viewer of the Web Report Designer cannot be localized.
  • Data connection is not saved on the first attempt if the file WebReportDesignerSettings.json is created by the Web Designer REST Service.
  • Background of the barcode item is rendered twice on the design surface.
  • Console error "Cannot read properties of null" after clicking cancel button in a table wizard, started from a table cell.
  • The explorer tree is not refreshed after adding a report parameter.
  • Resizing a report section does not change the report's "modified" state.
  • Error "Could not create instance of MapGroupBase" when adding a geolocation group in a map.
  • Underscores are not allowed in the parameter name after the first character.
  • Linear Gauge contains two overlapping background images when rendered in design mode.
  • A warning notification "Could not generate the preview..." is shown when adding a CheckBox item in a Table cell.
  • Cannot add a report item in a table cell through drag and drop.
  • HtmlTextbox Edit Expression dialog is not generating Embedded Expressions when no value is present initially.
  • Background image of Linear gauge is shown with different DPI in design and preview.


  • Remediates a security vulnerability.
  • Installation fails when upgrading the Telerik Report Server from R2 2023 SP1 to R3 2023 SP1.


  • Invalid TOC entry is shown in ReportBook when a report has no significant content.
  • The page count may not be calculated correctly in Print Preview mode when the report has TOC.


  • "This implementation is not part of the Windows Platform FIPS cryptographic algorithms" exception is thrown when rendering report containing images and "Use FIPS compliant algorithms for encryption" is enabled in Windows settings.

HTML Rendering

  • Images with high DPI used in Style.BackgroundImage property are rendered with incorrect size.

Word Rendering

  • The lines of the trial message are not correctly split.
  • Checkbox item using larger images causes rendering failure of the other images in the document.

PDF Rendering

  • Resolving OpenType fonts throws a non-descriptive error .


  • "New line" characters are not respected by tooltips rendered in the HTML5-based viewers.

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