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Release History

Progress® Telerik® Report Server R3 2022 (

September 14, 2022

Table, Crosstab and List items in Web Report Designer introduce new design-time features

  • Table, Crosstab, and List report items have improved their design-time experience. We implemented row and column handles for easier resizing, moving, or showing a context menu. We also added multiple cell selection and visual cues to facilitate the report authoring process.

The Web Report Designer has improved its onboarding experience

  • We have implemented a series of introductory dialogs that guide beginner users through the areas of Web Report Designer.

What's Improved

  • The selected tab in the Components and Explorer TabStrip is now clearly distinguishable
  • Telerik Report Server logs more detailed information when communicating with Telerik.ReportServer.ServiceAgent service

Web Designer

  • Delete button is missing when Assets Manager is invoked from Subreport or report book UriReportSource
  • Save command in main menu is enabled even when the report is not modified
  • The "View details" section of Assets Manager dialog has an icon with incorrect size
  • The designer lets you edit localized report and lose its localization information without any warning
  • Assets Manager does not navigate to the selected file when invoked from editor
  • AssetsManager's TreeView is not scrolled automatically to the selected node
  • Dialog title is "Edit" instead of "Select Report" when selecting report from Assets Manager
  • Font size is 14px instead of 12 px in "View details" section of Assets Manager dialog
  • Search box does not select all of its contents when focused with Ctrl+F
  • The Expression Editor and Wizards do not enclose the field names containing spaces in square brackets
  • Delete button is active for Reports and Recent nodes in Assets Manager tree view
  • File or folder can be saved with the same name as an existing file/folder after rename
  • Publish succeeds when the report has no changes


  • Some page sizes produce invalid page clipping causing some pages to be clipped even though there is space for the report to render

PDF Rendering

  • EnableAccessibility is not respected when set in report's RuntimeSettings


  • "Unable to get report parameters. An error has occurred. Archive file cannot be size 0." when publishing a report without changes from REST API

Server Manager

  • An error "DateModifiedFormatted is not defined" is shown in the browser console when trying to delete report, preventing the removal of the report from the storage
  • Redundant scrolls appear shrinking the list's content
  • Scheduling view is scrolled to the top if the selected task is below the visible task rows

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