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Progress® Telerik® Report Server R3 2021 SP1 (

November 10, 2021

MSSQL Database Storage now provides an option to configure the SqlConnection CommandTimeout property

  • The SqlConnections CommandTimeout property in MSSQL Database Storage is now configurable through the XML and JSON configurations. MsSqlServerStorage constructor now has an overload with a commandTimeout argument.

A new endpoint "/api/reports/version" is added to the REST Service implementations

  • The REST Service implementations now have an endpoint that returns the version of the server-side service assembly. Useful when troubleshooting scenarios where the client and server versions mismatch.

What's Improved

  • An error message is now displayed when the report property SkipBlankPages is True and there is an error in the report

Desktop Designer

  • ReportSection's Height property allows to be reset

Web Designer

  • CSV wizard - Separators page, no errors are shown for invalid data
  • A NullReferenceException message is shown when adding a color to the ColorPalette of a Graph or Map item
  • ReportDesignerControllerBase.RenderPictureBoxAsync does not respect IDefinitionStorage.BaseDir
  • An error message "An error has occurred. NaN is not a valid value for Int32." is shown when pasting HEX color value in Background Color input
  • Color value set as text in the input is not applied when you click on the design surface or another input
  • Combined width / height editors in PaperSizeEditor should not allow resetting when disabled
  • CSV Data Source Wizard does not allow to reset a column name
  • CSV Data Source Wizard does not persist the column names correctly
  • Data source CalculatedFields are not shown in a table wizard and explorer tree until report is saved
  • DateTime values are not fully visible in DateTime scale properties
  • Error "Could not create instance of 'JsonDataSource'. TypeError: Cannot read property 'push' of undefined" when trying to open JsonDataSource wizard and a report parameter is selected
  • Font alignment options are not positioned correctly in the Font editor
  • InstanceType editors do not have reset
  • Search in open report dialog is using "StartsWith" and not "Contains"
  • SQL Data Source Wizard does not preview the correct result set if the query has been changed
  • Switching between "Date only" and "DateTime" types in DateTimeScale shows the incorrect Date editor
  • The "Map Columns to Type" page in CSV Data Source Wizard does not have column name validation
  • The action editor fails to update its value when selecting the (none) option
  • The Color editor shows "undefined" labels when editing the ColorPalette of a Graph or Map item
  • The CSV Data Source wizard does not display the types in the "Map Columns to Type" page
  • The CSV DataSource wizard fails to preview when non-letter characters are used in column names
  • The Height property in ReportSections is not mergeable
  • The JSON DataSource Wizard allows to upload an external file even when an inline file is selected
  • The ShapeType editor contains a redundant "Choose an option" entry
  • The Width editor of Report item and the Height editor of ReportSection item have Reset button


  • The generated PDF or XLS files are corrupted when the report's SkipBlankPages property is set to True and there's no data in the report


  • Deleting a Scheduled Task does not delete its Scheduled Documents' HasData key

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