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Telerik Report Server

Release History

Progress® Telerik® Report Server R3 2018 SP1 (

October 17, 2018

What's Improved

  • Add REST API implementation for ScheduledDocument entities
  • Improved design surface support for high-DPI monitors
  • Improved error handling when the Reporting REST service or the viewer template are not configured correctly


  • Migration tool duplicates roles when migrating to an existing storage
  • Report Server installer fails if upgrading a never-started Report Server instance

Server Manager

  • Preselected rules report in data alert is lost when all added reports are the same
  • The document format validation is not shown when adding a data alert/scheduled task
  • Webhook filters input and mail list input layout is incorrect


  • Creating a Scheduled Task using V1 endpoint does not respect MailSubject and MailBody properties
  • POST api/reportserver/documents throws internal server error
  • Scheduled tasks without explicitly set mail templates cannot be updated

Engine Common

  • Items with pixel dimensions are scaled on high-DPI machine
  • The Actions property for report/group sections is not respected


  • Drag operations for resize and move produce measurement units with excessive digits after the decimal sign
  • Items are shown as overlapping even if the overlapping is less than the reporting engine precision (0.01mm)
  • The Conditional Formatting editor freezes when changing style of multiple selected items
  • The warning mark of overlapping items does not specify the exact overlapping items
  • ToggleVisibilityAction targets are lost after opening Group Properties through Group Explorer
  • Some changes from the ribbon do not trigger complex items (like Graph and HtmlTextBox) layout refresh


  • An error occurs when processing the Table item on a machine with DPI higher than 100%

Data Binding

  • ObjectDataSource does not support interface inheritance


  • Repeating GroupFooter containing a SubReport item is not rendered correctly

PDF Rendering

  • PDF/A XMP date time format is invalid in some cases

PowerPoint Rendering

  • Table is not paged correctly

XPS Rendering

  • Text is cut off when VerticalAlign is set to Middle/Bottom


  • Export operation is blocked in Chrome
  • Multivalue parameter with AllowNull=true submits empty string as a value
  • 'preventDefault' does not work in client events
  • Report contents are not rendered in Microsoft Edge with Zoom greater than 150%
  • Send Email window size is not appropriate for smaller screens
  • The report is not rendered on low-resolution screens
  • Theme color is not applied to Preview button

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