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Release History

Progress® Telerik® Report Server R2 2023 (

June 7, 2023

Introducing a new report item - Radial Gauge

  • The newest report item in the toolbox, Radial Gauge, can be used to represent a single measure over a domain of numerical values. The rich stylization capabilities and comprehensive API allow making your data presentations even more impressive.

What's Improved

  • JsonSerializerSettings in the ReportDesignerControllerBase class are now enforced.
  • The Preview page of WebServiceDataSource wizard now shows a load indicator while fetching data.
  • PDF accessibility now supports structure tree. PDF/A-1a is now supported and PDF/UA support is improved.

What's Changed

  • TRDX, TRDP and TRBP files created by Web Report Designer and Standalone Report Designers now use schema version http://schemas.telerik.com/reporting/2023/2.0.

Crystal Reports Converter

  • Conversion log does not provide detailed information about Group processing.
  • Formula fields are not correctly processed.
  • Transparent color is incorrectly converted to a white color.

Desktop Designer

  • The Parameter Name editor in Runtime Settings does not trim its manually entered contents.

Web Designer

  • Console error "TypeError: this.sharedDataSourcesStorageService.GetModel is not a function" when viewing details in Assets Manager for Shared Data Source and demo mode is enabled.
  • Shared Data Sources and Resources folders can be deleted if they are shown under Reports folder when FileStorage is used.
  • ActionEditor is not populated in Groups collections for Graph and Map items.
  • Context menus are not shown for Explorer items and Table item handles when using a version of KendoUI >= 2023.1.314.
  • Context menus are not visualized in line chart and crosstab wizards when using a version of KendoUI >= 2023.1.314.
  • Context menus in Assets Manager are not shown the first time when using a version of KendoUI >= 2023.1.314.
  • Expression Editor shows "undefined" for DataSource Fields when selected for a second time.
  • The padding and selected item highlighting are not applied to functions in Expression editor.
  • The splitter in Sass themes generates redundant artifacts when using a version of KendoUI >= 2023.1.314.
  • The values in editors that show enumeration members are ordered alphabetically instead of following a logical order.


  • The PageCount is not correct when ToC items get hidden.


  • Graph's MergedDataPoints feature generates incorrect legend item value when using JSON-based data sources.


  • TocText, DocumentMapText, and BookmarId properties on Table item cannot be set using Bindings.

CSV Rendering

  • CSV Export of a Graph with multiple Line Series and a Category Scale throws an error.

HTML Rendering

  • Choropleth does not display correctly in Firefox.

Server Manager

  • Deleting all external subscribers in Manage subscribers dialog is not applied.
  • Incorrect message when creating or designing a report and the web report designer is disabled.
  • The caption of the column that shows the item's state in the Scheduled Tasks and Data Alerts grids, is missing.
  • The Manage subscribers UI is confusing.
  • When adding a new user, the entered Username and Email is lost when switching the Authentication Provider from Local to Federation and vice versa.


  • HTML5 Viewer's tooltips flicker on hover when using a version of KendoUI >= 2023.1.314.
  • The menu captions are not correctly generated under mobile resolutions in Sass themes when using a version of KendoUI >= 2023.1.314.

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