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Release History

Progress® Telerik® Report Server R2 2022 SP1 (

June 22, 2022

Excel rendering extension now allows to display the report pages on separate sheets

  • We have added new device info setting SplitWorksheetOnPageBreak and if it is set to true (default value is false), you can generate a separate worksheet on every "soft" page break. This allows to have each table or each group in your report on a separate tab in the produced Excel document.

What's Improved

  • The Enter key now triggers the first result returned from the Search box

Desktop Designer

  • "Index out of range" error is shown when inserting a column if two diagonally positioned cells are selected
  • Right column is inserted instead of left if inserting is executed immediately after the left column is inserted

Web Designer

  • "Location" and "Type" sorting options in Assets Manager are not applicable to the folder contents
  • Border properties are incorrectly focused when navigating to them from the Search box results
  • Cannot change the primary selection within multiple selected items
  • Cannot deselect item with Ctrl key pressed when single selection is applied
  • Crosstab layout gets broken when inserting a column after a column containing merged cells and not crossing the Body
  • Multiple selection in Report Explorer does not keep the primary selection when selecting items in bottom-to-top direction
  • Multiple selection is lost on context menu opening
  • Resource file size is reported as 0 KB if the file size is less than 500 bytes in Assets Manager's details pane
  • Selecting a non-component node in Report Explorer does not clear the current selection
  • Textbox item is deleted if it is selected and Delete key is pressed while Assets Manager is open
  • The reports node is not focused when Assets Manager is open from a ReportSource editor
  • The Source properties of inline property editors are not included in Search box results
  • The TOC ReportSource editor opens an expression editor instead of а multiline text editor
  • Validation message for invalid report parameter name is incorrect
  • When a file is successfully uploaded in Assets Manager, it is not selected when the upload dialog is closed.
  • Selecting a report from Assets Manager includes the file extension in the ReportSource's Uri editor

Excel Rendering

  • Report Page Header/Footer text color is not respected in Excel export when the UseNativePage(Header/Footer) setting is True

Server Manager

  • "No items to display" instead of "1-4 of 4 items" is displayed in Firefox in user roles view with 4 user roles


  • The parameters' area splitter's expand icon gets hidden when the area is shrunk

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