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Release History

Progress® Telerik® Report Server R2 2021 (

May 12, 2021

.NET 6 Preview support for desktop viewers and REST service

  • Added support for .NET 6 Preview in the WinForms and WPF report viewers as well as the REST service which they can use as a remote report generation engine.

Enable per-report allowed export formats configuration

  • Now the report model API allows hiding an export option, changing its description, and changing the export parameters for a particular report via the RuntimeSettings report property.

New Band Report themes

  • Added four new report themes to the Band Report Wizard - Kendo Default, Kendo Bootstrap, Office 2019, and Kendo Blue Opal.

Blazor report designer

  • Added a Blazor wrapper for the Web Report Designer jQuery widget. The Blazor Web Report Designer enables seamless integration with Blazor Server and WebAssembly applications.

Drag and drop of components and data fields from Explorer to the design surface

  • Implemented drag & drop behavior for data fields and components from the Explorer tab to easily generate new report items. 

Move multiple selected components over the design surface simultaneously

  • Added support for moving multiple report items at once in order to change their location or parent item.

Telerik Web Report Designer Localization

  • Strings shown in the UI of the Web Report Designer can be translated and replace the default strings. An article has been added to our documentation explaining how this can be done. 

Make IDataItem interface public

  • We exposed the interface that is implemented by all of our DataItem-descendant classes in order to improve the Reporting API and give more control to the users that want to access the report model programmatically.

SwissQR barcode support

  • Added support for the SwissQR barcode - a special kind of QR barcode used in the Switzerland's payment transactions. It is a part of the Swiss QR-bill and imposes strict requirements on the barcode data and parameters.

What's Improved

  • A new popup for adding dynamic groups in CrossTab is added.
  • Optimize the loading process of the Reports view

Web Service Data Source

  • Configuring Token Path for the 2-step auth in WebServiceDataSource does not work as expected

Desktop Designer

  • SVG is not rendered correctly for some specific images
  • The "Find" button in the toolbar does not represent the state of the search dialog
  • The Font Editor's drop-down that contains the font names is not populated when the Web Designer is opened from Report Server

Web Designer

  • "TypeError: Cannot read property 'GetValue' of undefined" when trying to expand conditional formatting style
  • After dragging and dropping a component in the design surface, the explorer tree is not updated
  • Element position is not recalculated after adding/deleting new section
  • Report with special symbols in the name is not saved but a success message is displayed saying the report is saved
  • Unable to select functions for chart fields. All functions are marked "Undefined"
  • Undone delete operation is not applied after report is saved
  • When adding Row Parent Group or Row Child Group in CrossTab , a Column Parent Group or Column Child Group were created respectively
  • Cannot read property 'ConnectionString' of undefined when building new connection in SQL Data Source Wizard
  • Changing the Value of a Report Parameter in Web Report Designer makes it [object Object] and breaks the editor
  • Data Source Wizards should be started regardless the currently selected component.
  • Report should not be saved with an empty name
  • Some of the popups are misplaced when adding a new item in a CollectionEditor


  • Calculated field expression is evaluated for each expression in the report which references the calculated field

HTML Rendering

  • Internal Server Error is thrown in the viewer when the PictureBox's SVG markup starts with an xml tag

PDF Rendering

  • The PDF export option is missing in .NET Core Viewers when using a certificate to sign the produced PDF document

Engine Common

  • The GenericTileProvider doesn't allow to set the UserAgent HTTP header value

Server Manager

  • Scheduled tasks and Data alerts are displayed and executed at incorrect time after moving to or from daylight saving time
  • Task is not editable when user has permission for specific report but does not have permissions for report category
  • Text "null" is visible until page is refreshed after creation of new data connection or user role without description
  • The text in the formatting toolbar in the Mail Templates tab is cropped


  • Adding HTML5 Report Viewer and Web Report Designer to the same page breaks the viewer toolbar styles

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