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Telerik Report Server

Release History

Progress® Telerik® Report Server R2 2020 SP1 (

June 18, 2020


  • Scheduled report fails to start on the specified date in some time zones

Server Manager

  • Clicking Save Changes in Configuration does not show the loader animation

Desktop Designer

  • Report Parameter dropdown tick is hidden if the value is too long
  • Search dialog hides when navigating between pages of the previewed document
  • The report designer localization is not applied when a .trdp or .trdx file is opened from Windows shell
  • Publish and Revert buttons state is not correct
  • Open does not respect current user's saved data
  • Publish does not trigger webhooks
  • Publish leaves the report locked
  • Publish throws errors in the console
  • Revert does not work
  • Save does not work

Web Designer

  • Expression Editor does not list the data fields when the data source is set through a binding to ReportItem.DataObject


  • DataMatrix barcode encoder throws an exception when its value is null or an empty string
  • Graph Axes preserve space for labels even though LabelPlacement is set to None

Excel Rendering

  • Column widths are not calculated properly on machines with DPI settings higher than 100%

PDF Rendering

  • PDF/A conformity fails when validated by veraPDF
  • Tooltips are rendered only when the report contains actions

PowerPoint Rendering

  • The document is corrupted when contains an empty HtmlTextBox


  • Print is not available in Firefox
  • Printing throws an error: "Cannot read property 'execCommand' of null"
  • Single- and multi-select combo parameter editors miss accessibility attributes
  • Splitter controls do not have accessibility attributes set
  • The report parameter's drop-down editor is mispositioned when its text does not fit

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