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Telerik Report Server

Release History

Progress® Telerik® Report Server R2 2018 SP1 (

June 21, 2018

What's New

  • Localization support for the Report Server Web Manager

What's Improved

  • CAL users can now be deleted
  • Aria labels now include the time part where applicable
  • Improve Conditional Formatting editor UX on multiple items selection


  • A server error occurs when creating data alert or scheduled task in report server
  • CAL users can now be deleted
  • It is possible to create user with the same name as an existing disabled user
  • Username validation should be case insensitive
  • Create new task from Reports view has no client side validation for task name
  • Disabled users cannot be enabled or modified
  • Failure to send activation link for new user is not handled properly
  • Logo with tall image pushes the viewer down and makes its bottom part invisible
  • Page loader is not used in some cases
  • Report Designer download link path is not resolved correctly
  • Save changes button in Configuration section is hard to discover
  • Scheduling view does not display the creator of the task in Activity view
  • Users with readonly permissions may open the edit dialog
  • Whitelabeling color picker is hard to click
  • Whitelabeling color slider is hard to click
  • Whitelabeling does not affect the task/alert enabled indicator
  • "No access mode selected" warning is not relevant
  • Cannot delete a scheduled task or a data alert that uses a mail template with subject value that contains < or > characters


  • SqlDataSource Calculated fields do not appear in the data explorer
  • An error occurs when adding new child group to a row header group of CrossTab if there are merged cells in adjacent group
  • Can't add new parameter in Web Service Data Source Wizard after error


  • Indented and justified text inside HtmlTextBox is not layout correctly
  • Non-informative exception is thrown when the Graph item fails to resolve its data
  • PictureBox value defined as a relative path in declarative report definition is not resolved correctly
  • Processing never finishes when report parameter's AvailableValues.Filters use nonexistent report parameter

Excel Rendering

  • A GDI error occurs when rendering report with image on Azure

Word Rendering

  • PageSettings.Landscape property is not respected for reports with shorter width
  • When PageSetting.ContinuousPaper is True the paper size is not respected

PowerPoint Rendering

  • A GDI error occurs when rendering report with image on Azure


  • All dynamic class names should start with trv-
  • FullPage/PageWidth button state is not visually toggled when in PageWidth state
  • Invocation of isExceptionOfType function should happen via utils object
  • PictureBox value defined as a relative path in cs/vb report definition is not resolved correctly in Web apps
  • Table of contents is overlapped by vertical and horizontal scrollbars on hover
  • Toolbar buttons selected state is missing

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