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Telerik Report Server

Release History

Progress® Telerik® Report Server R2 2018 (

May 16, 2018

Webhooks Support

  • Subscribe for various Report Server events when integrating the Report Server with other applications.

Web Service Data Source

  • Utilize web services as report data sources using a built-in declarative way.

Page Breaks in Table Item

  • Precisely specify how the table rows and columns are dispersed across the report pages. See the TableGroup.PageBreak property for more info.

Accessibility for Web Administration App

  • Reach out to a wider contributor audience through the accessible server administration application.

Preview Content Search

  • Search the report content shown in the Preview page for word or text.

Server administrated localization for the Report Designer

  • Add Report Designer localizations from the report server.

Digital Signing of the PDF Rendering Output Documents

  • Digitally sign PDF documents to prove the origin of the produced documents.

New Data Scope functions

  • Utilize the following new functions designed for more advanced scenarios. 'Exec' function now supports body scopes by specifying cross-section of two scopes. 'Previous' function is introduced to enable referencing the data scope of the previous group data member.


  • API description page links throw an error when accessed
  • Telerik Report Server Migration tooling set does not provide automated distribution of a Report Server installation
  • Validation messages shown into the edit windows change the layout


  • ScheduledTask cannot be edited without setting RecurrenceRule


  • Query Designer throws errors on opening when the used data provider is not available on the client OS
  • Explorer tool windows cannot be opened if closed
  • Localized data source properties throw exception on opening the respective wizard
  • Null reference in report import wizard when no report is selected.
  • Query Designer Condition Editor is with fixed size that is too small in some scenarios
  • The Options Language is not respected when the English option is selected
  • Toggling a tool window from the View item in report's context menu throws an exception


  • Private font cannot be resolved when relative path is used in the context of a web application

XPS Rendering

  • Exception is thrown when programmatically rendering in XAML-based formats with "EnableAccessibility" set to true

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