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Release History

Progress® Telerik® Report Server R1 2023 (

January 18, 2023

Web Report Designer introduces predefined Data Sources

  • Web Report Designer allows to create, import or export predefined connections to different data sources. These connections are stored as assets and can be referenced among report definitions. We named this feature "Shared Data Sources".

Introduce Switch and Ifs expression functions

  • We implemented new Switch and Ifs functions, that are much easier to write and maintain than the old IIf function. Their behaviour is similar to what our users have already experienced with these functions namesakes in Excel.

What's Changed

  • TRDX, TRDP and TRBP files created by Web Report Designer and Standalone Report Designers now use schema version http://schemas.telerik.com/reporting/2023/1.0.
  • Numbers, null, and string values “true” & ”false” are now considered valid Boolean values when evaluating expressions.
  • The built-in IIf expression function is now hidden, and the If function is introduced instead. The new function uses "lazy" evaluation avoiding unnecessary evaluations.
  • Internet Explorer web browser is no longer supported.

SQL Data Source

  • The design-time values of report parameters fail to resolve correctly the DateTime types when using Npgsql v.6+ data provider.

Web Designer

  • Dragged data field on the design surface from Explorer tree shows only equals sign and a lot of white space when the name of the data field is longer.
  • Moving and deleting a List item throws an error: "Cannot call methods on resizable prior to initialization; attempted to call method 'destroy'".
  • Nested properties are incorrectly assigned from expression editor.
  • Recently used files in Assets Manager contain report files when only Resources folder is present.
  • Wrong field expression when using drag&drop from DataSource nested field in Explorer tree.
  • Console error "cannot call methods on resizable prior to initialization; attempted to call method 'destroy'" when resizing crosstab after moving it.
  • Dialog windows are enabled and interactive while the Onboarding Guide is active.
  • Search input in the Assets Manager toolbar is with incorrect width.
  • Table cell selection border is too thin to be traced visually.
  • The button for invoking the Assets Manager has incorrect size.
  • The Expression Editor's text area does not have a border when focused.


  • The deployment of the embedded SQLite.dll is performed on each initialization of reporting engine when running in .NET Framework projects.


  • HtmlEncode and HtmlDecode functions are not in the Text category.
  • Nested Conditional operators are not parsed correctly.
  • System.FormatException is thrown instead of InvalidExpressionException when a condition cannot be evaluated to boolean value.


  • Sub-report does not grow to fill the entire SubReport item area when table cell-, anchor-, or dock rules are applied.


  • Search in Report is not working for Guest user.

Server Manager

  • Selection drop-downs are not sorted.


  • The text in the drop-down editors is not centered vertically.

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