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Release History

Progress® Telerik® Report Server R1 2022 SP1 (

February 25, 2022

What's Improved

  • When creating a PictureBox item using the designer's toolbox, its Sizing property will be set to ScaleProportional instead of Normal
  • Added ability to use custom Data Provider when adding a new SQL DataSource using the wizard
  • User account dropdown in Report Server management console is now activated on click and not on hover
  • Web Report Designer now can be used to create new reports in Report Server

Web Designer

  • "View details" switch button in the Assets Manager dialog is with bigger font-size than the other buttons
  • Assets Manager is not invoked when clicking Uri ellipsis from ReportSourceCollectionEditor
  • Assets Manager Location for recent file details is "Recent\{filename}"
  • Cannot rename a file or folder in Assets Manager from grid view
  • Deleted file is present in Assets Manager recent files
  • Editor is not aligned in the properties area when an editor reset is not present
  • Chart type dropdown is not aligned if the text of the type is longer
  • Property Name has no validation for empty value
  • Browsing for reports in Assets Manager from Combined Report's design surface is not supported
  • Combined Report has additional arrows on design surface
  • Icon for removing report from report book design surface is not visible until hovered
  • The Assets Manager does not show the reports available for the currently logged user
  • The existing files drop-down shows no data in JSON and CSV data source wizards after a file has been uploaded


  • Error "ShapeFile cannot be read. Resource type System.Uri is not supported." is shown when referencing a ShapeFile with absolute path
  • Exception "Invalid URI: The Uri string is too long" is thrown when processing Base64-encoded images if the content size is greater than 65519 bytes

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