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Telerik Report Server

Release History

Progress® Telerik® Report Server R1 2019 SP1 (

February 22, 2019


  • Administrators cannot unlock previously locked report by another user

Server Manager

  • Cannot resolve subscribers with field filtering
  • The dropdown for specific asset permission is not readable
  • The Reports page does not display the name of the user that has locked a report for editing
  • Values in dropdown inputs are not searchable
  • Worker count can be set to a negative value

Engine Common

  • Map item tiles are not displayed when map is used in .NET Core and .NET Framework applications


  • AreaSeries DataPointStyle is not serialized
  • Exception is thrown on changing the Report.Language property
  • Exception is thrown on reloading the report


  • ReportProcessor does not resolve relative UriReportSource
  • Report's error event is not handling the Barcode item errors
  • The thread is not safe when using the same datasource for different reports

Image Rendering

  • Exception is thrown when Barcode item value is invalid

PDF Rendering

  • CIDSet validation fails with some PDF/A-1b validation tools
  • Exception is thrown when the report contains WMF or EMF image

Excel Rendering

  • TextBox data format is not recongized correctly
  • The date time format is not valid when rendering on an OS with some European cultures

CSV Rendering

  • Only the first rendered Detail section's data appears in a master-detail report


  • Cannot add multiple REST report services to a single app
  • Expired client appears not expired if the expired data is not collected yet


  • The splitter disappears after hiding the splitter and refreshing the viewer
  • Cannot send e-mail to multiple recipients
  • EnableAccessibility option is not respected
  • Kendo Editor doesn't focus its editable area when using keyboard navigation
  • Menu items have bottom offset
  • Missing tab stop for 'select all' and 'clear selection'
  • Navigating is not defined error on navigating back
  • Page input layout issue on Safari
  • Page not found error on scroll
  • Report area issue on rendering multiple viewers on a single page
  • Report does not get rendered in the viewer's page area
  • Report pages are not ordered correctly after visibility action is triggered
  • Report pages are rendered with different size while scrolling
  • Search and Send Email window position is limited to the viewer bounds
  • Search and SendEmail window positions are wrong on window resize
  • Search window filter buttons do not fire an action by pressing Enter or Space key
  • Send E-Mail CC field is not respected
  • The skeleton page is missing

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