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Telerik Report Server

Release History

Progress® Telerik® Report Server R1 2019 (

January 16, 2019

Known Issues

  • An error is thrown on changing the Standalone Report Designer Report.Language property value. This is fixed in the latest internal build

Scalability of the Report Scheduling Service

  • Enable distributed task execution among multiple report scheduling instances.

Reports Localization

  • Localize the TRDP reports with the Report Designer.

Improved Preview User Experience

  • Better UX by continuous pages scroll, parameters input flexibility, and splitter for parameters and document map areas.


  • Web resources on TLS 1.2 HTTPS connection cannot be retrieved

Server Manager

  • Login, Register and All Set up pages are not centered in IE
  • Input alignment is wrong in IE
  • Missing icons in send email window

PDF Rendering

  • PDF/A XMP date is in wrong format


  • Add font-family fallback to sans-serif
  • Closing search window does not clean all search highlights with multi page report

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