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Release History

Progress® Telerik® Report Server R1 2018 SP3 (

April 17, 2018

What's New

  • The currently logged report server user is accessible in the reports' expression context through the global object =UserIdentity

What's Improved

  • The live report preview and WebApi documents generation engine now uses a dedicated rendering thread queue with configurable count.
  • The restReportService configuration element can be added to a dedicated TelerikReporting.config file preserved upon feature upgrades.

What's Changed

  • Updated the Telerik Report Server EULA:
    1. Definitions (Client Access License, Report and/or Reports)
    2.2.1 Paid Software License Grant.
    3. Support, Updates and Source Code for Telerik Software (along with child articles)
    6. Term and Termination


  • "Add Permissions" for the Guest user does not work
  • "User profile" menu option is misleading
  • Grid header icons are incorrect
  • Grid header layout in the Reports page is broken in Safari web browser
  • Newly added roles are not preserved if the tab in the Manage permissions window is changed
  • Report upload is not working
  • Tab controls inside modal windows get scrolled vertically when the content does not fit
  • The add permission for user functionality should only allow appropriate scopes according to the selected permission
  • User status UI is misleading


  • Cannot retrieve data schema for ObjectDataSource returning Object data type and requiring parameters
  • Cannot retrieve DataSchema when the custom data object is also referenced in the designer
  • Data Explorer does not show the exact server error when the data schema of ObjectDataSource cannot be retrieved
  • Cannot grab the resize handle of container item when child item is adjacent
  • Broken table layout when cut/copy cell, paste to another cell and trigger undo
  • Report is not marked as dirty (save is not enabled) when TOC report is set to a report book
  • ReportBook designer do not refresh on undo and redo operations
  • Typed text in input field in CSV datasource wizard is displayed backwards


  • Expand all action does not expand nested groups
  • Rendering reports in parallel using the ReportProcessor throws an error


  • Graph is scaled down when exported to MSOffice formats on a machine with high DPI from a dpi-aware application
  • Graph is scaled down when exported to MSOffice formats on a machine with high DPI from a dpi-unaware application

PDF Rendering

  • The actions, associated with elements, aligned at the left or top side of the page, are not respected


  • Reports stay partially rendered forever when IIS hits thread allocation limit

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