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Telerik Report Server

Release History

Progress® Telerik® Report Server 2024 Q2 (

July 10, 2024

What's Changed

  • The Request payload in Report Server is now set to 100MB by default.

Engine Common

  • Remediated security vulnerability.

Report Server

  • Remediated trust boundary violation vulnerability.

Report Server .NET

  • Creating a new connection within SQL data source wizard in Web Report Designer throws error.


  • The input field validation can put the Report Server UI in a non-responsive state using a forged RegEx string.

Server Manager

  • Invalid report can be uploaded.
  • Sorting of a grid column does not remove the previously selection criteria.
  • Opening edit dialog in Users view triggers search using the saved in browser's password manager username.
  • Reset template button resets wrong template in a task and alert edit dialogs.
  • After opening the Edit user dialog and saving without changing anything throws "The Email is already taken!" error after reopening the Edit user dialog.
  • Executing a task or data alert does not notify the user if it's scheduled successfully.
  • A misleading message is shown when attempting to reset the user's password.
  • Polyfill.io reference is removed from JavaScript assets.


  • Preview button in report viewer is not styled appropriately when using Kendo SASS themes.
  • Polyfill.io reference is removed from JavaScript assets.

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