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Web Hooks Support

With R2 2018, we’ve enabled event-driven development where developers can subscribe for generated from the server events like “New report added”, or “New scheduled report document generated”, so that they can trigger corresponding actions (e.g. push notifications to a mobile devices). Web hooks support simplifies custom integration with internal systems.

web hooks support in Report Server

Data Source Component for Web Service

Currently, our customers are using custom data retrieval to utilize web services data. At the same time, web services are turning out to be the de facto standard for data access. We've provided built-in declarative way to utilize such data sources. The Web Service Data Source component will make it much easier to access them and will not require additional development work. 

data source component for web service in Report Server

Accessibility for Web Management App

We've made the server administration application accessible to a wider contributor audience, including users with motor control restrictions who may need to work with assistive technologies. This feature is specifically important for banks, government institutions and big enterprises, for which the accessibility support is a must.

accessibility for web management app in Report Server

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