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Report Server Running on .NET Targeting Linux

Telerik Report Server for .NET is a revamped implementation of the Telerik Report Server application. It is compiled against .NET 8, brings refreshed design and targets cross-platform report hosting scenarios.

The new flavor of the server can be installed side-by-side with the original .NET Framework. It employs the technology advancements of this new platform and utilizes the recently introduced SKIA-based report rendering engine, which makes it Windows-independent. This achievement is complemented by a comprehensive migration of the code base to .NET and a complete rewrite of the web application, prioritizing enhanced UX and refreshed, simplified UI.

Report Server Running on .NET Targeting Linux

Improved Web Report Designer

With the evolution of the Web Report Designer, we have added a large set of UI/UX features enhancing the end-user experience:

  • Tables Column reordering enables easy rearrangement of the columns of the Table item from the design surface. The command is exposed in the context menu for the corresponding column’s handle.
  • Properties Area layout got improved making properties nesting crystal-clear to the eye and allowing for easier navigation to a particular property.
  • Each property in the Properties Area now shows a tooltip when hovered over to assist when performing tasks like styling an item or setting up conditional formatting. Additionally, a tooltip with the value of each property gets displayed on hover if the value does not fit in the available area.
  • The behavior of the Expression builder dialog is has been improved by preferring embedded expression generation when appropriate. This helps particularly when working with HtmlTextBox.
  • The value of the HtmlTextBox item can now be edited using a WYSIWYG editor allowing easy rich text input.
  • Improved Bindings Editor to populate the available binding paths in Web Report Designer.

Improved Web Report Designer

Test Connection Functionality for Data Connection Entities

This user-requested functionality is now available, empowering users to easily test the connectivity of their data connections directly within the server interface. With this feature in place, users can efficiently verify whether the server can successfully connect using the current data source configuration. This capability provides a proactive approach, allowing users to identify and investigate any connectivity issues promptly.

Test Connection Functionality for the Data Connection Entities

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