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New Telerik UI for PHP DropDownButton Component

The Telerik UI for PHP DropDownButton component renders as a button that opens a popup list of action items. The DropDownButton component supports icons, images, data binding and multiple appearance customization options.

Telerik UI for PHP DropDownButton

New Telerik UI for PHP Signature Component

The new Telerik UI for PHP Signature component enables end users to draw and place a signature using a mouse or a touch device. The supported use cases include adding a signature as part of a standalone signature application, a web form or an integration with a PDF export. The key features developers can utilize include different canvas options, stroke size and color, background configuration with SVG support, save as, and zoom.  

Telerik UI for PHP Signature component

New Telerik UI for PHP SplitButton Component

The Telerik UI for PHP SplitButton allows users to choose one action to be executed among a several from the same button with the help of a dropdown list. It is a lightweight version of having multiple buttons doing all of different work – it saves screen real estate and makes for a simpler UI. Why have “Paste values only” and “Paste with formatting” be different button when you can let the user pick the one they want without overflowing the screen with UI. 

Telerik UI for PHP Split Button

New Fluent Theme in Telerik UI for PHP

Telerik UI for PHP gets equipped with the new Microsoft Fluent Design System along with all our .NET and JavaScript web UI components. The Fluent theme follows the official guidelines of the Fluent Design System, enabling you to style UI for PHP components through including the theme into your project. Those of you who already use our Fluent-themed components, can add the Fluent theme to allow any of the other available UI for PHP components to seamlessly fit in.  

New Fluent Theme in Telerik UI for PHP

Accessibility Enhancements in Telerik UI for PHP

Compliance with the latest accessibility standards is a big focus for Telerik UI for PHP as it is for all our Telerik and Kendo UI component libraries. Beyond updating our components to comply with Section 508, WCAG 2.1, and WAI-ARIA standards, R3 2022 introduces accessibility-specific demos that can be used to test any of our PHP UI components with screen readers and other software used to test software for accessibility.  

Accessibility Improvements in Telerik UI for PHP

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