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Introducing Telerik UI for PHP TimeDurationPicker

Allow users to select a duration while eliminating the requirement to provide a specific date, range of dates or time slots with the Telerik UI for PHP TimeDurationPicker component. Give them the freedom to determine how many days, hours, minutes or seconds an activity (e.g., online session, event, work project, etc.) is expected to take. Users can either pick a value from the component popup with built-in shortcut values or type the desired time duration themselves. 

See the Telerik UI for PHP TimeDurationPicker demo

Telerik-UI-for-PHP-TimeDurationPicker-What's new

New Telerik UI for PHP Chip Component

Create compelling UX by listing items in stylish containers called chips or pills with the Telerik UI for PHP Chip component. This small building block component can contain text, an image or a close/delete icon to indicate an optional call to action. You can leverage the Chip individually or alongside other components to showcase unique values selected by the user.

Learn more in the Telerik UI for PHP Chip component demo

Telerik-UI-for-PHP-Chip-Overview - What's new

Introducing Telerik UI for PHP ChipList

Organize a collection of individual PHP Chip components in a list and manage it with actions for adding and removing items. The Telerik UI for PHP ChipList component is mostly used for single or multiple selections, e.g., including additions to an ordered meal.

Learn more in the Telerik UI for PHP ChipList component demo

Telerik-UI-for-PHP-ChipList-Overview - What's new

New Subtitle Property in Telerik UI for PHP Charts

Further customize the look and feel of your PHP Chart leveraging the newly added subtitle property. Easily add a secondary or explanatory subtitle below the main chart title and style it differently.

Check out the Telerik UI for PHP Charts Title and Subtitle documentation

Telerik-UI-for-PHP-Charts-Subtitle- What's new

Add Labels to Telerik UI for PHP Bullet Charts

The Telerik UI for PHP Bullet Charts, used to compare quantitative against qualitative measures, are now enhanced with the ability to add labels to bullet charts with the speed and ease you and your users need.

Telerik-UI-for-PHP-Bullet-Charts-Labels - What's new

Telerik UI for PHP: ECMAScript (ESM) modules support

With R1 2023, the Telerik UI for PHP source code was transformed to ECMAScript modules (ESM), ensuring you have access to a modern module system. For those of you who prefer the AMD/UMD modules, you can continue using them without experiencing any interruptions in your development process.

And to save the best for last, this transformation opens the door to new ways to tackle features, functionalities and provide you with better support.

Learn more about why we transformed our own source code from AMD to ECMAScript modules

Accessibility Improvements in Telerik UI for PHP

We continue our efforts to provide accessibility compliance in accordance with the WAI-ARIA standard. With R1 2023, we’ve implemented improvements in multiple Telerik UI for PHP components.

Accessibility Improvements in UI for PHP

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